A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Drum Practice Pad

Are you tired of your neighbors nagging over the loud noise your drums make? It’s no secret that the drum set is probably the loudest instrument there is. This results in obvious neighborhood problems when you want to train to improve your technique. To prevent your neighbor from declaring war on you, the best drum practice pad wins the Nobel Prize in percussion!

Despite the immediately less “fun” aspect than a real drum set, the silent pad, accompanied by its inseparable metronome, takes you into a phase of work that can seem punitive. On the contrary, you have to consider it as an initiation rite that will lead you to perfect your game. The pad is more like a martial arts training room. We have been able to review five of the best drum practice pad for you.

In a rush?  Here are the top picks

Top 5

1. Evans RF12G 12 inch RealFeel Training Pad

This 12 inch Evans pad will allow you to practice your drum basics silently thanks to its rubber surface specially designed to have a natural rebound. For models that are not in a two-sided version (passable on both sides of the pad), it is possible to fix it with a thread of screw (on the bottom) on a snare stand provided for this purpose, to ensure the stability of the pad during your practice. 

This will allow you to adjust the height and tilt of the pad like a real snare rather than placing it by default on a table or other unsuitable surface. Remember that during your practice on your drum practice pad, it is very important to be installed as if you were on your battery so you do not feel the need to readjust your snare in terms of height, tilt, etc. 

Customers who have been using this product for a few years say that it has always been very pleasant to work on thanks to the very natural rebound it provides. When you go to play on your snare afterward, you will keep the same hitting feeling and you will not have to readjust to a real hitting skin which is not the case on all pads.

2. Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

The Drumeo Practice Pad is like a four-piece drum kit that lets you get four different sounds. Talk about versatility! If you are looking to develop precision and consistency, this is for you. Of course, the price is higher, but you understand why. 

Drumeo allows you to develop different stick and drum techniques. You can create realistic drum movements by placing the 4 pieces. You will have the opportunity to play traps, cymbals, and toms. Toms don’t sound like real toms, but you always have an idea of ​​when to hit it and how to hit it depending on the song you’re playing.

3. Meinl Cymbals MKPP-4 Training pad with fixing band 

As a drummer, we are often looking for a pad that would take up little space and on which we could practice anywhere and anytime. 

This drum practice pad is, therefore, the solution because with its diameter of 10.16cm and its reduced weight, it will allow you to work on your basics or to warm up comfortably without the need for a snare stand to place it, because this pad is equipped with an adjustable strap for the legs, very practical for traveling and working on the fly in an airport, a train station, etc … 

Its rather reduced diameter allows you to work on your accuracy while being certain to play in the center of the pad, which will be a good habit to keep when you play on the drums.

4. Meinl MPP-12-TL Thomas Lang 12 inches from pad

The Meinl MPP signature Thomas Lang pad is a very good quality pad, especially compared to its extremely quiet rubber surface. The rebound is amazing and gives us the feeling that we can feel when we play on a real snare drum. 

This pad is not equipped with a two-sided version because Meinl wanted to favor a non-slip bottom to be able to work on any surface in complete stability. You can choose between several dimensions for the same model. It exists in 6 inches and 12 inches. The small size will allow you to move around more easily with it, while the larger one can, for example, stay at home for daily and laid-back work.

5. Slint Drum Pad and Snare Bundle

For my beginners or more casual players, Slint brings us an irresistible bundle.  Included in the bundle are drum sticks, the drum pad, the stand, covers for all of the above, and more. You can start playing as soon as this is delivered. 

The pad offers a solid wood base but is double-sided.  The stand is compact, easily adjusted to match your seat, and fits other drum pads.  Convenient for those who have multiple.  

Can You Learn Drums On A Practice Pad?

The training pad will become your best ally to learn a lot of drum techniques. Indeed, have you ever tried to work the rolling exercises on a snare drum? If you are a beginner drummer, you may not have started this step, and you will quickly understand that repeating strings of curly or doubled rhythms on your snare drum can quickly become deafening.

Yes, there is no secret, if you want to progress in drums, only one solution is available to you: work regularly and diligently your technique. For this, indulging in repetitive exercises on your drum practice pad is the only secret allowing you to increase your dexterity. It is by dint of hard work that you will then be able to move easily on all the toms and cymbals of your drums. So, for your ears and those of those around you, the drum pad turns out to be your most precious companion to learn how to drum

What is the quietest drum practice pad?

A drum practice pad is not completely quiet, it, however, produces less noise compared to a drum set. Our list contains the quietest drum practice pads in the market. If you’re still not comfortable, you can add a cloth on top of the pad to completely drown the sound.

Some may think it’s silly, while others seriously wonder why they should be spending money on a fake instrument that no one will listen to. The point is, every drummer who takes progress seriously should have a training platform for obvious reasons. 

No one wants to listen to a drum exercise for an hour or two every day, so unless you live alone in the country with no neighbors, you will need it. They’re really good for practicing new things, so you can do it right before you start making noise on your acoustic or electronic drum kits

How do drum practice pads work?

The training pads offer you a portable and comfortable solution so that you can improve your drum skills. As with everything, training pads have their pros and cons. In my opinion, there is a way to eliminate most of the disadvantages and to make unfair use of the advantages. Just practicing with your drum kit has certain limitations. 

You are linked to a place and, in some cases, even to a deadline. Using a drum practice pad, your training schedule easily becomes a separate place. It then becomes up to you when you work out. Practice with training pads is a very convenient way to practice. They are very light and quiet, so you can even practice your last chops at night, you won’t disturb the neighborhood. Drum pads are usually made in such a way that their surface has a response very similar to that of snare drums. This aspect makes it a perfect tool for practicing the basics, such as scrolls or different paradiddles. 

Another benefit of using the training pads is that they highlight even your smallest mistakes. The high volume of acoustic drums could mask some of its rather subtle flaws. Training pads won’t, the rubberized surface echoes every little mistake you make, helping you find and diagnose them.

How do you clean a drum practice pad?

The easiest way to clean a drum pad is with a glass cleaner and a cloth. It should not be any more difficult! If the drum pad has a bottom that adheres to surfaces and has become dusty or dirty, you can wash it with water. When the pad gets dry, the adhesiveness will return. You can also clean your drum part with soap and water. Make sure to clean it regularly as this will make it easier to clean along the line.


If you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or professional drummer, practice is a must. Even professional drummers who have years of touring experience with popular Billboard artists need retraining to maintain their skills and perhaps acquire more techniques. Remember that playing instruments is a continuous learning process. 

The drum practice pads will certainly help you learn more and improve your skills whatever your level. Here are the features to look for in a drum training pad: 


If you live in an apartment or room where space is limited, you cannot bring your acoustic drum kit with you. With the training pads, you can always upgrade with drum and stick techniques from time to time, wherever you are. Most drum pads are light and portable, so even children can carry them around with such ease. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you practice with pads before switching to an electronic drum kit or a real acoustic drum kit. 


If you have family, roommates, or neighbors who are complaining about all the noise you make when practicing with an acoustic drum kit, a drum training pad is what you need. Most drum training pads have almost silent performance and will not make loud sounds like a normal drum kit. 

Drummers love silent drum practice pads because they don’t disturb when they practice in their apartment where an irritated old woman lives next door. When you buy drum pads, you can finally play and train without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

Using your Drum Practice Pad

Most people who use drum pads tend to practice basic rudiments. Indeed, the practice of the rudiment does not require any specific drum sound, because it is purely based on the stick and hand technique. 

For this reason, many drummers will use pads to improve their playing. If you plan to practice the basics, it is recommended to focus on: single strokes, double strokes, triplets, paradiddle, flam, and drag. Most of the other basics are based on these five moves, and if you can master these five initials, you should be able to retrieve the other 35 easily.

Suggested drumsticks

There is little to no difference between the sticks used in an ordinary acoustic drum kit and a drum pad, but there are two things you should always keep in mind: 

  1. How you feel when playing with these sticks.
  2. Choose the ones that will do as little damage to your battery as possible.

Below are 5 drumsticks you can use on your drum practice pad 

1. Zildjian 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Sticks click here to buy.

2. Vic Firth American Classic eStick click here to buy.

3. Zildjian 5BNB Nylon Black Drumsticks click here to buy. 

4. LA Specials by Promark 5B Nylon Tip Hickory click here to buy.

5. Vater Vh5An Nylon Tip 5A click here to buy.


Whether you are starting or have already done so, you should know that there is no excuse to stop practicing and improving. With the best drum practice pads, practicing your wrist technique is as simple as practicing solos on an unplugged electric guitar, and in some cases, it’s even better. 

While everyone can recognize the lead guitarist, singer, and even bass player, people rarely recognize the talent of the drummer. Even though the drummers bring the whole group together, they keep the tempo and make the basic guitar riffs fuller, and at the end of the day, the drummers set the tone for the song. 

As you can see in this list of the best drum practice pads, many options can satisfy even the most demanding requirements in terms of space, noise, and touch. Choose wisely and don’t worry that you won’t be able to crush the cymbals during your workouts. As long as you have the beat, adding frills will be easier.

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