Best Drum Set Brands – the Ultimate Guide

Drum sets are the perfect instrument for someone who loves percussion and needs a creative outlet. Or if they like music but aren’t interested in traditional instruments. Drums are versatile and can be played both in classical, jazz, or rock bands, making the possibilities endless for how you can utilize your new skill set.

However, playing the drums does tend to be one of the most expensive instruments with substantial upfront costs that add to the expense of lessons.

Especially if you’re playing professionally, it’s not always possible to rent a set, so you’ll need to be open to investing in a drum set upfront if you’re interested in learning or purchasing a more expensive one to continue to build on the skills you already have.

best drum set brands

With so many companies selling drum sets, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which one is best without any experience in the industry. Each type of drum has its own unique set of strengths and flaws, so you’ll need to make sure to do your research before making a final decision.

Use this list of the best drum set brands to take an in-depth look into which ones you should consider based on your skill set and budget. If you’re just starting to play, keep in mind that it may be wise to spend less until you’re sure that you are ready to fully commit to playing the drums.

Thankfully there are multiple options for anyone looking to play the drums no matter your skill level. 

The Top Best Drum Set Brands 

Ddrum – If you’re looking for a company that has laser focus Ddrum is for you. They only products they produce are made specifically for drummers. And offer every type of produce a drummer may need, including hardware cymbals and other accessories. They make all of their drumsets from tonewoods including 

  • Maple
  • Walnut birch 
  • Brasswood

They’ve created their own technique to create an evenly balanced sound from every drum. Other brands can’t replicate that. 

Mapex – If you’re looking for a top-quality drum kit at a reasonable price Mapex is for you. They are considered one of the best drum set brands by seasoned professionals with years of experience and knowledge. Each complete set comes in a unique pattern or texture to provide an added effect. 

Yamaha – Known worldwide as one of the most popular drum companies that provide long-lasting drum sets for professionals and beginners. They are rapidly growing and offer everything under the sun that you could possibly need to start, grow, or improve your drum set. Since they’ve been around for a while, they’ve been able to perfect their technology and techniques to make top-quality drum sets that sell.

If you’re looking for a good quality electronic drum set, Yamaha has a good selection. With experience in a wide variety of products, they are a trusted source for electronics and drums. So combining the two just makes sense.

Gammon – They offer a large variety of drum sets that can be purchased in-store or at most large realtors online. Making them easily accessible to anyone who is looking to buy a quality drum set. Even when a person is not able to go out and purchase one or doesn’t have a way to transport the set back to their house, this is why Gammon is a great option no matter a person’s age or budget. 

Gammon is known for its easily accessible replacement parts and other gear that you may be able to find with other companies considered to be the best drum set brands. 

Pearl – A wholesale distributor for drum sets and other percussion instruments. This makes it easy to include them on our list of the best drum sets under $500. They can offer consistent quality while providing affordable options for beginners and people on a budget. You may also customize the color of the drum set and hardware to make a one-of-a-kind set. Made in America, you can’t go wrong trying one of these out. 

Ludwig – Known for its vintage style of drumsets used by world-renowned artists from across the globe. 

They’ve been around for over 100 years, so they are known as industry experts and on the shortlist of best drum set brands. They may not be one of the cheapest brands; however, their quality is unrivaled, and they produce top-notch sound. 

Most of their kits are Shells only. Meaning you’ll have to buy the cymbals and hardware separately. However, for seasoned drummers and up and coming professionals, that’s not a problem. 

Premier – Over the years, they have become a trusted source for professional drummers all over the world. Premier drums are most commonly used in military and classic drumming. They are built to last so you’ll have peace of mind that what you’ve paid will last a long time. They frequently work with other brands to improve and update technology to create better-sounding kits for all drummers in every walk of life. 

Tama – Snag a high-quality drum set that will last a lifetime and is surprisingly still affordable. It gives you the ability to purchase a drum set that fits your personality. With a wide variety of finishes, there is something for everyone. They also provide a one-stop-shop for all of your drumming needs s you don’t have to go all over in search of a variety of pieces. 

Best Drum Set Under $500

The Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Complete Drum

Whether you or your child is considering learning to play the drums, it can be difficult to decide which set to get. Especially if you don’t know how much time you’ll be able to commit to playing the drums or if you plan to play for an extended period or just for a few months. 

Drum sets can be very expensive, especially when you need to purchase all of the accessories that are required to play, and it can add up very quickly. Even many basic sets that may seem cheap don’t always come with everything you need to get started. For many, it can difficult to justify going out and spending thousands of dollars if you’re not planning to play the drums every day or just as a hobby a few times a week. Luckily there are affordable options that can make your dream of playing the drums come true, and there is one in particular that you will love. 

The Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Complete Drum set is the best set under $500. It comes in a set of five drums that are made of sturdy, high-quality hardwood that are all durable and have been designed to last. Even for those who may not be gentle when they’re drumming or moving set to different locations on a regular basis. The shell on each of the drums is made of poplar, to create an optimal tone when you play, which is a great bonus for such an affordable drum set.

The best part about the Pearl Roadshow is that it comes as a complete set. Not only will you get five quality drums but also cymbals, all the hardware needed to put the drums together and two drum sticks and a bag to keep them in. This makes it an excellent deal for the price that you’ll pay and for the high-quality drum set that it is. So you have peace of mind that you’re getting the best value for your money. This will also save you plenty of time from having to track down parts for your set before you can start to play. All you’ll have to do is assemble the set and be on your way to rocking out.  

Best Electronic Drum Set

The Roland TD1KV is the best electronic drum set. It’s an affordable option for those who are just starting to play the drums or who have limited funds to put into getting a drumset. However, that doesn’t mean that the quality has suffered. It’s actually a great set for the value. There are some key benefits of this electric drum that you should consider when looking to make a purchase of an electronic drum set. 

  • Custom Sound Level – One of the best parts about using an electronic drum set is you can control the level of noise that it makes. Gone are the days of having to stop playing when your neighbors or family have gone to sleep. You can simply turn down the volume so only you can here and keep rocking out as long as you’d like. 
  • Change the Drum Sounds – Another perk of an electric set is you can add in a variety of percussion instruments while you play or change the tone of the drums. You’ll also save money since you won’t have to go out and purchase additional shells or hardware to create different sounds and tones. 
  • Practice Made Perfect – You can record yourself playing and go back at any time to listen to yourself so you can decide what needs to be changed and how you can improve your drum playing skills. 
  • Portable – One of the best perks about electronic drum sets is that they are lightweight and can easily be moved. The Roland TD1KV is easy to assemble and can be easily transferred whenever you need to take your practice somewhere else or to move it to another room in your house. 
  • Includes Headphone Jack – If you need to make sure you’re not making any noise or want complete privacy, plug in your headphones. You can easily jam out while making minimal noise and avoid others listening if you’d prefer to practice in peace without anyone making any judgments about your playing.  
  • Plugin Amplifiers – If you are performing at a concert or practicing with a band, you can bring along your amplifiers to give your drum set an extra boost. All you have to do is plug them into your electronic drum set and get ready to rock. 

This sturdy electronic drum set makes it easy to adjust for any drummer, whether for a child or adult, so the whole family can learn to play the drums without having to purchase any extra gear.

This full set comes with cymbals, toms, pedals, three pairs of drum sticks, and a polishing cloth, which is an excellent deal for the price. And will give you everything that you need to start drumming on your new electronic drum set without purchasing anything extra.

It’s an affordable option for those who want to start playing the drums but like the option of using an electric set instead.


Drumming is an excellent outlet for young and old alike. It’s a chance to learn an instrument and utilize your creativity no matter your age. It’s also a great way to learn an instrument if you’re looking for something that is a bit more adventurous than a traditional flute or violin.

With so many drum sets available, it can be a struggle to try and figure out which brand to purchase, especially with so many competing for your attention.

However, with this complete guide to the best drum set brands, you’ll now be ready to go out and buy your first or next drum set with the confidence to know what to look for and which brand is going to have your best interests in mind based on your needs.

Just be sure to know ahead of time how much you’re willing to spend and what aspects of the drum set are most important to you. 

best drum set brands

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