Best Drum Solos

Drummers are magicians who cast a spell on us with their artistic abilities, control, dexterity, strength, and precision. We are often wowed with their rhythm or the change in rhythm that can make an even more exquisite piece of music. This instrument ranges from Jazz to the heaviest genres such as rock/metal. The following post is a list of the best drum solos in these musical genres.

The order in which they are established does not determine the importance of one over the other.

Without further ado, the best drum solos


He was the best drummer in history for many fans, according to an article in the Spanish daily ABC. He worked with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lionel Hampton; with virtually every jazz legend until he died in 1987. It was always the fastest, the most spectacular, and one of the best drum solos.


Funk and jazz-fusion are the specialties of this man who offered his services to John Scofield, Steely Dan, Carlos Santana, Parliament / Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Victor Wooten. His solos, soft and fluid, stand out for their great musicality.


He is one of the most imaginative and influential jazz-drummers of the early sixties. He put his chopsticks at the service of artists such as Billie Holiday, Teddy Wilson, Lester Young, Art Tatum, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins, or Roy Eldridge.


He was the craziest and wildest in history. In addition to having a very personal and inimitable style, he was one of the first to add an extra show to the solos by introducing firecrackers into his bass drum.


In tribute to the protagonist of “Whiplash” the list ends with Buddy Rich, the inventor of” solo upside down”, who decades later copied bands like Slipknot, Mötley Crüe or Blink 182, leaving stunned an audience that probably did not know where the idea came from. At that time, this was considered one of the best from solos.


It is well pointed out that the heaviness of Led Zeppelin does not lie in his noisy guitars, but the powerful drums of the late John Henry “Bonzo” Bonham. So it is so that he had his theme on the band’s shows, “Moby Dick”. Although the technique of his double-punch in the hype was learned from Carmine Appice of Vanilla Fudge, Bonham perfected it and took it to very high levels. And even with his hands, it sounds like skins and dishes.


Another of the great Monsters Of Rock, Ian Paice, the tireless engine of Deep Purple to this day, also had to rise to the height of his contemporaries and did so in a great way with this solo of the track” The Mule “a track “about Lucifer and some of his friends” as described by singer Ian Gillan. So they can see that the left-handers are too.


Neil Peart never runs out of drums and in all Rush shows a fundamental part is his drum solo, to which he has incorporated various elements to enrich it as electronic pads that make melodies and all sorts of drums everywhere.


This man has become one of the great favorites of the world Progressive scene. His work in the ranks of Steven Wilson’s group, The Aristocrats, medalists Necrophagist, and Joe Satriani, has given him great versatility and influences to develop a unique style. He also performed one of the best drum solos in history.


Speaking of Necrophagist, his new drummer is also rated as one of the best in Death Metal today. He has a truly impressive technique that puts the rod very high for all who wish to catch up on these deals.


You don’t think much about female drummers even though there are a huge number of them. One of the most outstanding is Cindy Blackman, who is perhaps remembered behind the drums with the group of Lenny Kravitz and who today is the new wife of Don Carlos Santana. There is only a small sample of the great universe of excellent female drummers in the world.


Although the idea of a spinning drum set on a rotating base was vilely stolen from Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe, Joey Jordison’s solo with Slipknot is much better. Too bad we won’t see him again in the ranks of the masked (at least for a long time).


No doubt when you think of his name he immediately associates himself with Thrash Metal and his work with Slayer which is where we all met him. However, over the years Lombardo has proved to be a very versatile drummer who can perform a variety of styles. Here is a sample of one of his best drum solos. Although in the end, he plays with his now ex-partner Kerry King a classic Slayer, not to mention.


This is one of the names forgotten by the general public even though it debuted to more than half a million people in the band of Carlos Santana during the Woodstock festival. In jazz technique, Michael had the opportunity to show off in that great and historic event with a solo that makes us wonder why the hell he did not become hyper famous as his fellow guitarist.


Hated and loved by many, this gentleman, former member of Dream Theater, also likes large kits, retouched drums and cymbals to which no doubt gives very good use. Say what you want about your personality but it plays fucker!


This is one of the best drummers, although he has been unheard of despite the achievements of his band, Grand Funk Railroad. His name is not one of the first to come to mind when talking about best drum solos but perhaps after seeing him in action they have him more considerate.


Honorable Mention for Karen Carpenter, whom many know as half of the gnarly duo The Carpenters, but have not, learned that she was an excellent drummer, enough to have much more respect for her.

Drums Overview

The drum is a language that is not discriminated against by borders. Percussion and drums are said to be among the oldest musical instruments in the world. The drum kit is an important part of western music, originally from Dixieland in the 1920s. Although we have a fairly standard idea of ​​what a drum kit looks like today, during its development phase, things were a little different. 

For most Western countries, the common percussion of the beginning and the end of the 20th century include the snare drum, the bass drum, the timpani, the triangle, the bell, the xylophone, and many others. These are instruments that are normally heard in an orchestra

Acoustic Vs Electric Drums

While both types of drums have their pros and cons, your lifestyle and needs will help you determine which is the right fit for you.

There are different levels of drummers, right? You have the beginner drummer, the hobbyist, and the professional. All with their specific needs.

Acoustic drums

To make sure its clear, acoustic drums are basically traditional drums. While every drummer want’s a large drum set, there can be limiting factors.

Traditional drum sets are loud! And awesome. There are different material options for the shell and drum heads. Even the configuration can change.

When you’re looking for the right fit, make sure to do your research and primarily make sure the noise level is ok with those you live with and near (neighbors).

Electric drums

These drums are pads that are usually topped with rubber, mesh, or plastic drum heads. Most will produce sound using the sound module.

These are set up in the same way as a traditional drum set. But you can then connect them to your headphones or speaker to hear the actual drum sound.

Best Drums Solos

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