Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500

If you are just learning to play the drums or need a quiet option compared to a real drum set, electronic drum sets are your best bet. They have a few benefits that will serve drummers better, offering them the opportunity to perform or practice without the difficulty of a standard set. Finding the best electronic drum set under $500, however, can be challenging.

Possessing an electronic drum set will help you bring an entirely new dimension to the way you think about drumming. Other than practicing at home, electronic drums enable you to use sounds that people rarely thought possible beforehand.

Getting the best electronic drum set under $500 with plausible sounds and feel is not that easy. There are many electronic drum sets in the $500 price bracket that have excellent features, though not all of them might have the tone you’re seeking.

Top Electronic Drum Sets Under $500

Yet in the sub $500 price bracket, electronic drums are now more widely used in recordings and stage shows, while remaining serene practice friendly.

There is practically an inexhaustible number of budget electronic drum sets available on the internet, and you may have difficulty in your choice making the. This is why we bring in our list.

Top 10 Electronic Drum Sets Under $500

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Set

The Alesis Nitro Kit is an entry-level electronic drum set designed for complete novices and budget drummers. It can be acquired at a ridiculously cheap price taking into account all the elements it comes with. 

It is equipped with an 8 “dual-zone snare drum pad, three dynamic 8” tom pads, and a bass drum pad with pedal for a more natural feel when playing.

The Nitro Sound Module has an extensive library of 40 pre-made drum kits. Besides, you can easily customize or even create your own set using 385 high-quality drum sounds, cymbals, and percussion sounds.

In addition to the USB output, the Nitro module is also equipped with traditional MIDI input and output, which allows you to connect to drum machines, sound modules, or any other device that supports MIDI.


  • If you are using digital audio workstations or into home recording, you can connect the module to MAC or any PC and use it alongside Reaper, Cubase, or any major DAW.
  • It is expandable, meaning it is possible to add more cymbals or drums to your setup.
  • It features an advanced pad, a dual-zone drum which allows you to play more than one sound sample.

Why we recommend this drum kit: If you are really a beginner and care about the money, the Alesis Nitro kit can not be beaten, considering its impeccable and outstanding features.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh 

If you want to feel a natural-response for an immersive and impressive drumming experience, the Nitro Mesh drum kit is what you need.

It is rare to get an electronic drum set of under $500 with the astounding features that this drum kit possesses. It is one of the best electronic drum kits for modern drummers who wouldn’t want to break the bank.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh drum kit has a 60 in-built play-along metronome,  Aux input, tracks, sequencer, and performance recorder that would support you to hone and advance your drum skills.

This drum kit comprises 8 drum elements. For beginners, this set contains a snare drum with a dual-zone that would respond potently to your drumming. It gives a beautifully authentic drumming feel.


  • The pads are very sensitive and last very long compared to other pads of electronic drums within this price range.
  • You could make a good snapshot of the rim on the snare. Additionally, both the snare drum with crash cymbal are fitted with multi-zone sensors.
  • This drum set is extensible with extra crash and tom drums. This is not a typical feature of this category of electronic drums.

Why we recommend this drum kit: This electronic drum set is a great choice for both entry-level and intermediate drummers. In addition, If you are a professional drummer, it would certainly satisfy your needs on a budget below $500 as your practice electronic drum kit.

Roland Electronic Drum Set

The TD-1DMK is a Problem-free drum kit that is simple to set up and instinctive to use.

When you talk of durability and quality, this electronic drum set is among the top list. It featured double-mesh head pads for still drumming with excellent playing feel.

This Roland features 4 sticks, 2 pedals, and 3 cymbals. The kick drum and hi-hat which can be used for seeing are substituted by the two pedals on this set. 

With all dual-mesh heads for superb stick resistance, normal rebound as well as true-to-life rhythmic adjustments and expression, the TD-1DMK is the ideal companion for you if you are serious about bringing your drumming skill to the highest level.


  • A lot of under $ 500 electronic drum kits come with basic rubber pads, but Roland V-Drums TD-1DMK Drum Set features Mesh pads which are more still compared to rubber pads, and they feel so good when you play them.
  • If you’re an experienced drummer, and you want a great mesh rehearsal kit that comprises all the important e-drum features, then this kit is great for you
  • If you’re a drummer seeking for quality on a budget, you’ll surely be comfortable with this kit. Its real bass drum pad and mesh heads make it stand out from the other electronic drum set within that price range.

Why we recommend this drum set: The Roland electronic Drum Set is great for both entry-level and experienced drummers who want to take their drumming skill to the highest level. It featured peculiar components of high quality and durability compared to other electronic drum sets of under $ 500.

Donner DED-200 Electric Kit Electronic

If you’d like an electronic drum set under $500 with a vast collection of genuine drum sound tests, the Donner DED-200 is great for you. 

It uses the sampling technology of the French Dream, which uses electronic technology to track real instruments, helping to make its samples more accurate. 

It has more than 225 sounds including 30 demo tracks, you also can connect your MP3 player or phone to stream your favorite tracks.

DED-200 featured an 8-piece design of 8-inch mesh drum heads that almost look like actual drums. The silicone cymbals possess an even distributed tone and are able to respond irrespective of where you hit them.


  • If you are concerned about storage, this kit has an adjustable metal stand, so you can store it easily.
  • The drum set comes with a lot of options and sounds.
  • Its mesh head is of excellent quality and feels great when being played.

Why we recommend this drum set: This drum set is excellent for beginners and most of all Customer ratings are positive due to all the top quality aspects that accompany the drum set.

Rock Jam Mesh Head Kit

If you need an electronic drum set under $500 that focuses not only on real-feel but also on sturdiness, This kit is best to check out.

It has a speed-sensitive mesh head that Provides you an organic feeling and a natural skin sensation.

It is an 8-piece drum kit of three 9-inch toms, 10-inch rubberized hi-hat, a 9-inch snare, and a cymbal.

It contains USB out, headphone jack, AUX-in, and MIDI out for more flexible connectivity. This drum set offers 30 genuine drum kits and several sample songs that can easily be played easily.


  • This drum kit is an entry-level drummer model; It is fun to play with its flexible features. Also great for advanced drummers.
  • It features a remarkable Sound quality with a very loud kick drum.
  • The kit is expandable which make it easy to change between drum types

Why we recommend this drum kit: This Rock jam Mesh Head consists of almost everything you need in an electronic drum set below $500. It is built with premium quality materials and ideal for both beginner and advanced drummers

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

This electronic drum set features cymbal pads and rubber pads that Provide excellent sound and a realistic feel. 

It is a 7-piece drum set which includes a kick, 9-inch snare, three 10-inch cymbals, and three 8-inch toms, which with the use of headphones, you can play silently.

One of the most impressive features of this electronic drum kit is the robust rack that installs the kit. 

The rack is composed of blistering aluminum and also enables the choice of attaching clamps to tinker your rack as you would like.


  • This drum kit is very easy to set up; it can be adjusted to the player’s height
  • It’s an impressive drum set with attractive sound
  • The rack is made of sturdy Aluminum, great for an electronic drum of under $500

Why we recommend this drum set: If you need a sturdy feel and a good acoustic sound for a drum set of this price-range, the Alesis DM6 set is good to try out.

Yamaha DD-75

If you’re searching for the perfect-budget practice drum kit, the DD-75 is a good choice.

The Yamaha DD-75 is a flexible electronic drum set intended for skilled use. 

It Provides 8 touch-sensitive pads, making it easy to create an expressive and dynamic performance.

The key selling point of this drum set is that it is much more compact than the large percentage of electronic drum kits on the market.

If you are the type that loves drumming with backing music, then you have the Yamaha DD75 drum kit to make a choice. There is a convenient ‘Aux in’ on the back of the unit that allows you to connect any audio device, such as MP3 to the DD-75.


  • Its electronic panel is one of the best- Extremely intuitive and convenient to operate
  • It’s very compact – can be energized by six C-size fuel cells.
  • The drum set has a very good quality sound. Its sound is one among the best electronic drum set on the market

Why we recommend this drum set: The Yamaha DD-75 is very compatible with standard electronic hardware. It features everything one may need in an electronic drum set of this budget size.

ZHRUNS Electronic Drum Kit

This drum set is ideal for all types of skill levels, It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an advanced drummer, it’s great for beginners and advanced drummers. 

It features a chipset that gives you a great sound quality effect.

This drum kit features Mesh heads which offers a really natural skin experience that facilitates important acoustic drum systems.

It also features sophisticated hi-hat play, cymbal shock, and more, which can Provide you articulate and realistic drum sounds for an effective, real-to-life drumming experience.


  • The drum set is appropriate for all sorts of skill levers, enabling you to demonstrate yourself around the genre.
  • Each drum and cymbal can be tuned separately by this electronic drum set
  • It is very easy to assemble, and suitable for all types of music- JAZZ, POP, BLUES, FUNK, etc.

Why we recommend this drum kit: This electronic drum set comes with amazing features. It has some excellent features that are rare in most electronic drums of under $ 500.

Asmuse Portable Electronic Drum Set

This drum set is very portable, simple, and suitable for beginners, advanced drummers and song makers of all ages.

It features a built-in multi Stereo Speaker automatic drum pad which delivers spectacular bass and genuine drum response

If you are looking for a drum set that is durable, precise, and flawless, then the Asmus electronic drum set is an option to consider.

The drum kit has an incredible sound effect with a five-piece configuration consisting of two sticks, two drum pads and stick response.


  • It comes with 12 Demo Tracks and 7 Practical Drum Sounds with 9 backgrounds.
  • It comes with 7 gift attachment including 1 Aux-in Cable, 2 Drumsticks,  UK Adapter, 1  USB Cable, 1 Foot Pedals, 1 User Manual, and 1 1000mA Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • The kit is compatible with headphones, so drummers can experience the full range of super bass effects of the kit without upsetting their neighbors.

Why we recommend this drum kit: The Asmus electronic drum set is really an ideal drum kit for drummers of all ages. If you are looking for a low budget drum set with fantastic features/designs, the Asmus kit is a great choice to try out.

Pyle-Pro electronic Drum set

Pyle-Pro electronic Drum set is portable and extremely lightweight just like most other electronic drum sets on the market. It features hundreds  of built-in sounds and samples

Other than built-in sounds, the drum set is a 7 pad model.  It features hi-hat, snare drum,  tom, crash, cymbals and driver. You’ve also got hi-hat and bass drum pedals for optimum power.

You can move this drum kit to any location of your preference and use the integrated AC adapter to electrify it, or you can literally go wireless by driving the unit on 6 C batteries while you hang out in pride.

The drum kit also features Volume and modification mechanisms for rhythm, beat, tempo and EQ Processes incorporated in the model


  • The integrated speaker enables you to fire up the electronic drum and perform to entertain the audience.
  • As a beginner, the drum kit includes an LCD screen through which you can monitor your performance for improvement.
  • If you want to feel undisturbed for an enjoyable drumming experience, the drum kit features a headphone jack that allows you to connect your earphone for a more realistic personal drumming experience.

Why we recommend this kit: This drum kit also acts as a MIDI controller, and thus, you can personalize your music and get more functionality with a distinctive style and play.

Best under $500 Electronic Drum Sets Buying Guide

The kits obtainable in this price category are still regarded to be entry-level by many individuals. That does not really mean they are inadequate. The actual, inexpensive segment is somewhere under $300.Nevertheless, you’re not going to get too many features on these like on the $1000 electronic drum sets.

But, what would these drum sets of this category have to give? Well, that’s mostly going to depend on the brand you’re going with. Some of them have specialized modules designed explicitly for this distinct budget range, while others have recourse to alternative solutions.

The trick is to find a set that best suits your needs. We recommend that you check the beginners’ electric drum kits if this is your first kit. There’s generally not a lot of difference between the beginner models and what we’re discussing.

In most situations, these two categories converge quite a deal. Specialized entry-level versions come with a handful of software designed to assist you in figuring out how to play rapidly.

With all that said, it’s pertinent to think of what your needs are and what they’re going to be in due course – and when you’ve identified that, you can make an excellent choice of what’s going to be perfect for you.

How Do I Know Which is the Best Drum Set For Me?

Even if you’re a novice, improving, or experienced drummer, getting the right drum kit for your skill and unique style of play is the secret to your satisfaction, growth, and, Probably, the success behind the drum set.

The essential thing you need to consider before you buy an electronic drum set is your needs. When you learn this, you’re going to be well-equipped to decide which kit to purchase. For example, if you are concerned about acoustic drum kits, you need to determine if the noise level is suitable.

A critical thing about acoustic kits is that genuinely natural sounds are assured-especially with an appropriate drum microphone. You could plug in your headset with an electronic drum kit to remove noise. So, below are some essential things to keep in mind.

  • Are you buying the kits for learning/rehearsal purpose

You’ll Probably come across electric drum kits when you start shopping. These are ideal for small practice spaces since they can be played with a headset or in shallow volumes. Electronic drum kits are also useful in studio environments as their volume is easier to monitor, and they can create hundreds of cymbal, drum, and percussion sounds.

  • What kind of peripheral devices do you intend to use with this kit?

Generally, electronic drum kits have a Processor called a drum module. Drum modules deliver many exciting features, such as a USB port for sending MIDI data to your computer and other audio adapters and AUX port to connect your audio peripherals.

If you prefer either AUX or USB port, then you’ll have to ensure that your module enables this.

  • How much is your budge

There are a lot of drum kits on the market with varying features and different price tags. When shopping, you would find a lot of these drums with enticing features, but setting yourself a price tag cap will help you narrow your options down.

  • Do you desire a ‘roll-up’ drum set or a full standing drum set?

The formal is an excellent choice for drummers who have a low budget or are small in space or need a silent rehearsal solution. These kits can be conveniently packed, folded, transferred, and played on a tabletop or the floor, while the latter is better for rehearsing to develop your skills, as other more costly sets share a similar style.

Is Set Up Easy for an Electric Drum Set?

So you took a jump and bought yourself or, better yet, someone else a brand new drum kit? That’s fine, but before the drumming fun starts, you do need to organize all those stands, shells, pedals and cymbals. And that could be frustrating when you don’t know how to set up a drum kit.

All electronic drum sets need some configuration and in two main ways. First of all, each set requires Programming electronically, so that you select the specific sound you need to get out of each drum, cymbal, etc. A lot of these electronic sets emerge with pre-Programmed setups – a few come with more than others – therefore, if you require a plug-and – playset, be sure to check the specifics of the pre-Programmed setup.

Secondly, certain electronic drum sets necessitate that you set up the hardware itself. — specifically, the more costly full standing kits offer a variety of cymbals, drums, frames, etc. You need to connect these to the frame to set it up. Furthermore, if you’d like to change location, you can dismantle the kit and reassemble it as soon as you arrive at the location

One way to avoid this second setup is to purchase the so-called ‘roll out’ or ‘table’ electronic set. These are usually inexpensive compared to the full standing sets, but they don’t need any setup when it refers to the hardware. The cymbals and drums are already pre-positioned in these sets, so you only plug-and-play with these sets.

Electric Drum Set Vs., Acoustic Set, Is Set Up the Same?

Acoustic drum sets are less compact, and they also require a lot of time to prepare for action. There usually have many parts, more screws, and stands. Tuning is an unavoidable thing that needs to be done before any session. Doing this can take a long time.

The electric kits that have a ‘roll-out’ configuration are somewhat different entirely from the acoustic sets. Therefore the electric kit does not need you to tinker the cymbals and drums as it is a plug-and-play, while the acoustic kit needs to modify the height, etc. of each one.

The complete standing sets, contrarily, are designed to imitate the layout of acoustic sets; hence, the equipment setup here is very similar. There’s no ‘right’ way to tinker your setup, you’re only going to do what you find best for you, but overall, you’re going to model your electrical collection in a fashion similar to acoustics.

Lastly, irrespective of the electrical set you buy, the manner you set up the sound on each cymbal, drum, etc., is going to be something completely different from what you do on acoustic sets. You can select what digital sound you need to get out of each piece for an electric set, so the setup here might be a little complicated, but it also gives you plenty of flexibility to choose your sound.

Are electronic drum kits worth it?

A lot of people believe that the feeling and sound of an electronic drum set are further away from the actual thing that impedes your progression. Others, meanwhile, fear that the immense recording abilities and the sound libraries of electronic kits are beginning to overtake acoustic drums. With that said, are electronic drum sets really worth it? I would say yes, mainly if you are unable to play on an acoustic set for whichever reason.

If you’ve never taken into consideration an electronic drum set earlier, you’re missing the fun accompanying it! They are more flexible, and the range of sounds is more comprehensive than acoustic drums, Providing a sizable onboard collection of tones that can suit any song, any kind of musical genre. They, too, have an authentic experience, response, and feedback, you can adjust the volume for the practice of the time, and much more.

The recording ability, ability to play through the sound enhancements, and headphones, make drumming a pure pleasure, and having fun is what drumming really is.

           What is the best, inexpensive, Electronic Drum Set to Buy?

With several inexpensive drum kits present, the most crucial part of the research that you need to buy on a budget is ensuring that you get the best quality for your money. You would like to search for the set’s quality and the number of capabilities it will give you when you record your own music.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit and Yamaha DD-75 are our two best inexpensive electronic drum sets to buy. Purchasing the Yamaha DD-75 will give you options for any possible pairing of drums and taped sounds to enhance your musical experience. With the opportunity to practice with recordings and training courses, this drum set is perfect for learning the fundamentals of drumming and percussion.

However, the Alesis Nitro Mesh is our ultimate option. It’s a full set of really sensitive mesh drum pads that offer you practical playing experience. It’s inexpensive, and it has the ultimate value for your money. Besides, it features several samples on board and instructions from Melodic. Since the setup is quick and fast, beginners won’t have any problems with it.

It’s a silent drum set, undoubtedly one that can enable you to rehearse more and advance more easily.


An electric drum set offers you the flexibility of sound and is highly useful for performing anytime and anywhere. They are spacious and highly portable, taking up less space and having less weight. Also, the new electronic drum set provides greater recording versatility, and you can work with it in a limited space.

Any skill level drummer, especially beginners, the electronic drum set is an excellent piece to have at home for mastering skills and sharpening techniques and Producing unique and exceptional music.

If you are on the lookout for any of these budget drum sets, our top ten list of electronic drum sets under $500 should be enough to put you on the correct path.

best electronic drum set under $500

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