Do you want to start or already started playing the drums, but live in an apartment? In this case, an acoustic drum is to be avoided because your neighbors may call the police on you. The electronic battery is therefore the choice of the reason for those who live in a small dwelling.

The choice of electronic drum sets on the market is vast, and it can be difficult to navigate through the multitude of models. To help you see more clearly and guide you in your choice of the best electronic drum kit, this article provides an overview of electronic drum sets and a list of the best electronic drum sets in the Market. Do read on. 

In a rush?  Here are the top picks

Are electronic drum sets any good? 

If you are passionate about percussion instruments in general, the electronic drum could suit you perfectly and it is ideal to replace an acoustic drum. The electronic drums allow you to make recordings and take advantage of pre-recorded sounds to practice. The main advantage of an electronic drum set is the possibility of playing it quietly in the recording studio or at home, thanks to the use of headphones. 

So definitely, electronic drum sets are good.

How do I choose an electronic drum set?

Before going ahead to choose an electronic drum set, you need to put some things into consideration. The following should be considered If you want the best electronic drum set. 


One important thing you need to put into consideration is the range of the drum. 

If you are a beginner who is looking to have fun without investing too much an entry-level model is more suitable. 

Going up one level, mid-range electronic drum sets are intended for those who live in apartments or those who wish to professionalize on this path. They are more equipped in terms of the number of kits and strike zones. You would also enjoy more robustness and better quality of the finish in the mid-range drums.

For music experts, professional electronic drums are better suited. This is the closest thing to acoustic drums. This top of the range makes it possible to carry out different types of adjustment and is presented under several kits which display an increased sensitivity. By referring to price comparison, it will be possible to come across a professional model that will not ruin your pocket.


Before you go headlong into buying an electronic drum kit, you should be aware of the use you will make of it. If you simply want to have an instrument to let off steam from time to time, the best electronic drum set for you is an entry-level electronic drum set. Likewise, to take your first steps with this instrument, it is the best choice for your level.

If you want to make your way into the professional world, a mid-range model will suit you better. It will allow you to improve your performance and speed while at home. Generally, it serves as a secondary drum in addition to an acoustic model.

Finally, if you don’t know where to buy a new electronic drum kit that you can use for professional purposes, go for the high-end.

The sound module

The sound module is the determining factor in the performance of an electronic drum set. With the most elaborate models, the sound module allows you to record your performance. At the same time, you can connect a USB key to play your favorite songs.

Depending on the range of electric drums you choose, you will be able to juggle several sampling modes. With basic models, the intensity of the hit will determine the volume of the sound obtained. With a more efficient sound module, the nuances are more pronounced depending on the power of the strike and the area affected.

best electronic drum set

Manufacturing materials

The materials used to make an electronic drum are decisive because depending on the material, the striking sensation, and the rebound differ. the pads can be covered with 3 main types of materials:

  • Rubber: cheaper, but nevertheless robust, it is mainly the entry-level drum models
  • Silicone: This material is mainly used by the Yamaha brand
  • Meshed skin: more expensive and considered rather high-end, meshed skin has the advantage of being tightened. It is the type of material that offers the most realism.

The budget

The price of an electronic drum varies mainly according to its manufacturing quality, the sound quality, and the features present (such as the possibility of downloading additional sounds for example).

The basic and entry-level models can cost around 120 dollars and the price goes up to 2000 dollars for the most sophisticated models! The ideal is to opt for a complete pack, including, an amplifier, a stool, and the sticks, in order to avoid additional costs during your acquisition. 

Rubber vs Mesh 

In your quest to get the best electronic drum set, you would be faced with the dilemma of choosing between drum heads made of rubber and the mesh heads. 

To produce as little noise as possible and stay on good terms with your neighbors, it is recommended to opt for drum pads fitted with mesh heads. In addition, the playing sensations of these skins are close to those of an acoustic skin. 

On the other hand, the rubber manufactured pads are generally less expensive, but they produce more noise. They are the traditional type of drum head used for decades. 

Drum modules

Another important thing you need to put into consideration when trying to buy the best electronic drum for you is the drum module. Electronic drum modules are excellent recording tools. Most drum modules offer amazing sound quality, which mimics acoustic drum sets, as well as offering sounds that are simply not possible on them.

Some modules feature more than 60 kits integrated, with sounds that have been recorded in some of the world’s finest studios, by famous sound engineers. Basically, all modern modules come with amazing sound libraries, and most of them also feature SD card or similar slots, so you can also import your own sounds and make this device even better.

Thanks to the amazing sound quality, as well as to great flexibility that allows numerous trigger inputs, these modules are also an excellent thing for live performances. While practicing on such a versatile instrument, you will have more chances to expand your musical expression and improve your playing in total.

some of the best drum modules out there include:

1. Pearl MIMP24B Mimic Pro

2. Roland TD-50 V-Drums Sound Module

3. Yamaha DTX900 Series Drum Module

4. Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module

Electronic Drum Head Types

There are four main types of drum skins that you will find on electronic kits. Use the tab below to know the difference:

Rubber heads are the traditional type of drum head used for decades. They are inexpensive and reasonably effective.

Mylar heads use the same type of material as that commonly used on acoustic drums. They are much closer to the feel of a drum than the rubber heads. However, keep in mind that they are generally noisier than the higher end heads (Mesh or Silicone).

Mesh heads are synthetic materials stretched over a ring, very similar to those of a real acoustic drum. They contain a very sensitive trigger. As a result, meshes are generally more sensitive and allow you to practice the basics and dynamics of your drums much more effectively. They also tend to be quieter.

Silicone heads skins are pads with skin made from cellular silicone that provide natural playing sensations and generates less noise than rubber. They are also absolutely excellent to play. Some people prefer the them to the mesh heads because they are less rebounding. 

How an Electronic Drum Set Works

The digital revolution has transformed the world of musical instruments. Today, the digital drums have become the first choice for beginners to learn percussion. The main reason for this is the low level of noise generated. If you have questions about how an electronic drum kit works, these few lines will surely help you better understand and enlighten you.

The body

Most electronic drums are made up of five parts with a standard configuration similar to that of an acoustic drum. The setup of a standard electronic drum set includes the following.

  • a resistant body usually made of durable metal to support the accessories of the assembly;
  • a sound module;
  • 3 drums or pads;
  • a raw cymbal and a clear one;
  • one to two body pedals;
  • and sticks for playing.

The sound module

The sound module is the heart of the electronic drum set. Technically, it is a box or synthesizer that can receive and deliver all the notes that will be generated on the drums and cymbals to give a melody. The sound module has inputs that allow you to connect all the cables coming from the drums and cymbals.

A sound modulator can also allow you to record your work sessions or provide you with tailor-made training sessions depending on the drum model you have chosen. Some of the best electronic drum sets have even better features. The vast majority of drum modules operate using PCM sound sampling technology. 

PCM technology

The PCM sound technology is used to operate most of the drum modules. It allows us to reproduce the sounds in a natural way, the notes which were created by tapping on the drums.

The idea behind electronic drums is to have responsive pads that trigger a sound note when you hit them. Indeed, the pads are sensitive to speed, striking angle and several other factors that influence the tone of the musical note. Instead of relying on acoustic resonance, an electronic drum uses triggers located in the pads to create or better still, trigger a sound.


In their simplest form, drum triggers are made up of sensors that are very sensitive to vibrations. Much like the electronic guitar sensors, they will allow the slightest vibration from a beat on any of the accessories connected to the modulator. The triggers which are present in the many of the best electronic drum sets are even more complex.

The latter most often have several zones or stimulation levels thanks to the presence of several sensors.

Items you may need to purchase separately

Your starter drum kit is the cornerstone of your setup, but you’ll need some accessories to bring it to life. Here is a list of equipment that are worth investing in to get the best experience from your electronic drum. 

  • A drum stool; It’s worth investing in a drum stool that will keep you comfortable during practice and support your playing position.
  • Metronome; timing is everything for drummers, which makes a metronome or click track an essential part of your setup.
  • Perfect drumstick; take a little time to find you’re the perfect drumstick for yourself. You will need to weigh up factors like thickness, taper, length and tip shape.
  • A good set of headphones.

Should I buy an electronic drum set?

If you are still wondering whether you should buy an electronic drum set or not, then I humbly suggest you get one for yourself. 

The advantages of having an electronic drum are quite immense.

Playing without disturbing your neighbors. Whichever model you choose; it is always possible to play with headphones on an electronic drum kit. You can thus progress without disturbing those around us. The rubber pads do not make noise when you hit them. So you can play metal and climb on the pads without your neighbors calling the police!

Right from mid-range models to the best electronic drum set models, a MIDI connector is available at the rear of the module. It allows you to add a mixing console, another instrument, or simply connect the drums to a computer to record. On an acoustic drum, this process is very tedious and expensive, because it is necessary to ring each element and pass everything through a mixer before capturing the sound on recording software.

You will understand: if you are a studio musician, it is better to buy an electronic drum kit. With a high-end model, the quality of the sound effects is such that nobody will make the difference between an acoustic drum and an electric drum on the recording.

Almost all electronic drums have a training module that allows you to progress and learn without a teacher. You can also play on the pre-recorded rhythms. Some models offer games to learn while having fun. They usually involve beating with a stick at the right time. Other models even give very complete feedback which makes it possible to see if one struck too early or too late. This type of function is obviously absent on acoustic drums.

 Absolutely, you ought to buy an electronic drum.


Here is a list of some of the best electronic drum sets out there.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit electronic drum kit 

The first electronic drum kit in our selection is the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit. This drum set is made up of 8 pieces of innovative mesh skins (an 8-inch dual-zone snare drum, three 8-inch Toms, three 10-inch cymbals, and a Charleston) and offers 385 sounds, to the delight of music lovers. 

Indeed, the meshed skin of Alesis is a particularly innovative technology, which allows natural sensations and an ultra-quiet sound, which is ideal if you want to practice drums in the evening for example. Beginners will be able to learn easily thanks to the 60 songs to accompany, the sequencer, the metronome and the recorder which helps for the improvement of the game.4-foot resistant aluminum rack, connection cables, drum key, chopsticks, and power supply, this drum set is waiting for you!

Here are some pros and cons of the Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit electronic drum kit.


  • Resistant
  • Very good value for money
  • Good sound quality
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Snare drum too small
  • Quite tedious assembly

Alesis Command

The Alesis Command is a Significant improvement of the Alesis Nitro model previously discussed in this article.

The Alesis Command brings an improved sound module offering 50 factory kits and 20 user kits, against 25 factory kits and 15 user kits for the Nitro model.

In terms of hardware, the Command offers a more resistant aluminum rack and mesh skin pads for snare and bass drum.

While mesh snare drum pads are more common today, mesh drum bass drum pads are generally reserved for the best electronic drum sets.

Roland TD-1DMK   

The TD-1DMK electronic drum kit is an entry-level model of the Roland brand, but one that will give you immense pleasure! The Roland brand is renowned for the robustness and quality of its products, and the TD-1DMK electronic drum kit is no exception. This electronic drum has pads with double thickness mesh skins with adjustable tension, and the sounds obtained are authentic and powerful. Thanks to the built-in metronome and Coach functions, beginners will be able to take advantage of a powerful educational tool to improve and monitor their progress. 

 Below are some pros and cons of the Roland TD-1DMK electronic drum kit.


  • Double thickness Mesh skins with adjustable tension
  • 10 integrated Coach functions
  • Integrated metronome
  • Robust and durable


  • High price
  • No bass drum pedal

Yamaha DTX 760K 

The Yamaha DTX760K, offers a level of quality that is not only satisfactory but also really enjoyable. There is a noticeable difference in tension between the snare and tom’s skins, which all drummers will appreciate.

In addition to offering a real hi-hat stand, this drum set also has a real snare stand, which significantly reduces the movements caused by snare pads usually mounted on racks.

Another notable element is the KB-100 bass drum. A glance at this element is enough to realize that there is none better in terms of electronic kick drum. It is also large enough to allow the use of a double pedal.

Also present, is an ultra-realistic hi-hat controller, capable of detecting the pressure exerted by the foot when the cymbal is closed, thus modifying the sound and the tone accordingly.

The Yamaha DTX760K has some pros and cons.


  1. Real hi-hat stand 
  2. Real snare stand


  1. High price

Yamaha DTX402K

This is the second drum set from Yamaha on the list. Yamaha’s DTX402 series is aimed squarely at beginner drummers. There are three kits in the 402 line-ups, but the 402K is the best for tight budgets and offers plenty to help first-timers get started. It is definitely the best electronic drum set for beginners.

The kit features a sturdy rack plus quiet, natural-feeling rubber drum and cymbal pads. The DTX402 module is packed with 287 expressive drum and percussion sounds, 128 keyboard sounds, 10 customizable kits, and nine reverb types. In addition, aspiring players will find ten training tools to boost timing, speed, and expression. 

Impressively, the DTX402 is also compatible with Yamaha’s free DTX402 Touch app (iOS/Android), which enables deeper kit customization, additional playing challenges and rewards as players improve.

The Yamaha DTX402 has its advantages as well as disadvantages.


  • Affordable price
  • App-connected training
  • Wide selection of quality sounds


  • Limited tom positioning options

There you have it on our list of the best electronic drum sets, why don’t you get yourself one of this and enjoy the freedom of practicing the drum without the fear of the police being called on you.

best electronic drum set

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