Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners

Sometimes, how fast you progress with your piano lessons depend on the type of keyboard you are using. Some piano keyboards are easy to master and practicing with them will hone your piano skills in no time. So, in this guide, I will share with you the best piano keyboard options for beginners. 

But before we review the best piano keyboards, let’s have a quick look at how to choose the right piano keyboard. 

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How to Choose the Best Piano Keyboard

There are several piano keyboard options available in the market. Each of them is unique and serves their various purposes. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a piano keyboard for yourself. 

#1. Quality

The quality of a piano keyboard plays a vital role in its performance. While analyzing the quality of a piano, always check the interior and exterior components. When you have a high-quality piano, the soundboard and strings will be exceptional; this will provide better resonance and range. 

Again, high-quality pianos tend to be more durable, and the tuning ability will be great. Even if the inner working of a piano is well crafted, a poor cabinet will affect its sound. And always go for Grade 1 piano, they always provide exceptional value for your money. 

#2. Size

The size of a piano keyboard is another crucial factor you should consider before getting the instrument for yourself. According to experts, bigger piano keyboards are better. They usually produce higher quality sound because they have longer strings that produce smooth sounds in registers transitioning. 

Ordinarily, it would be great if every piano beginner has a concert grand piano. But you should consider your living space. For instance, if you are living in a small apartment in a place like New York City, a big piano keyboard is definitely not a good option. However, if you live in a large apartment in an area like Houston, you can opt for a grand piano. 

#3. The Type of Piano You Need

The piano-type you need is one of the factors to consider when getting the best piano keyboard. Generally, there are three types of pianos – digital, electronic, and synthesizer. 

The Digital piano features a pedal with 88 keys. Whenever you play this instrument, it looks so real and fantastic. It sounds like an acoustic. Digital piano is an excellent option if you want a portable instrument that produces the sound and feel of a real piano. 

Electronic keyboards are different from a digital piano as they produce different sounds, rhythms, and sequencers. If you are interested in always making new and different sounds, the electronic keyboard is for you. 

Furthermore, if you want more control over your music, a synthesizer is a grand piano option for you. It enables you to manipulate sounds into something beautiful and exceptional. 

#4. Appearance

This may vary from one person to another. Most times, the appearance of your piano could be a motivating factor to learn the instrument faster. Furthermore, the appearance of your keyboard could compliment your home decor. 

However, don’t focus too much on appearance and forget other areas. If other factors like quality and size outweighs appearance, try to double-check your options before making the final decision. 

#5. Budget 

Your budget is another essential consideration when buying the best piano keyboard for beginners. There are several top-notch pianos out there. And most high-quality pianos are more costly, as they are built with more durable materials. 

But if you have a smaller budget, you can choose from several cheaper options available in the market. If you have the right information, you can get a great piano that meets your requirements at a relatively lower price. 

#6. Weighted Keys

You can’t ignore weighted keys when shopping for the best piano keyboard for beginners. Weighted keys in this context refer to the degree of touch responsiveness of your piano. 

Just like an acoustic piano, weighted keys play softer when you touch the keys softly and play louder when you touch them with more pressure. 

#7. Accessories

Generally, the features and quality of a piano is the first thing you look out for when getting one. But you can’t ignore deals that offer you accessories; it will be cheaper for you. 

best piano keyboard for beginners

Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners 

#1. Roland RD-2000

The Roland RD-2000 is a top-notch piano keyboard for beginners. It features two onboard sound engines – Supernatural and V-piano. Its weighted keys are outstanding and produce exceptional sounds. When it comes to weighted keys quality, this model tops the chart for all Roland keyboards to date. 

Furthermore, you can use the Roland RD-2000 at home, on stage, or in the studio. If you want to practice your way to becoming a professional musician, this is an ideal instrument for you.

Again, the piano keyboard is designed in such a way that you have the option to split it into 8 zones with individual sounds. Interestingly, you can create unique patches with this instrument by layering up to 8 sounds. 

Most professional musicians love this piano because you can store any voice you create in the keyboards’ internal memory. And it’s easy to access the voices anytime you need them. 

Control is one of the comparative advantages this keyboard has over others. It enables you to control your DAW access sounds, trigger loops, etc.

The Roland RD-2000 also features 8 velocity knobs and 9 assignable sliders. These two features enable you to control different parameters of your voice, effect, and DAW. Even if you are playing this instrument on a darkened stage, you won’t have an issue because its knobs and sliders are LED lit. 


  • It’s a perfect instrument for live performance
  • It gives you authentic feels when playing it
  • The best piano keyboard works correctly with third-party software
  • It features a zero-latency processor
  • The keyboard features supernatural and V-piano sound engines


  • Even though beginners can use it, it’s more suitable for intermediate players.

#2. Yamaha YDP-184

The Yamaha YDP-184 is another top piano keyboard for beginners. The instrument is terrific, and it’s built around the sound of Yamaha’s CFX9 concert grand piano. If you are looking for an ultimate piano experience, the Yamaha YDP-184 is a perfect fit. 

When using the instrument, you have the option of enhancing your experience by adjusting important parameters with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM). 

Furthermore, YDP-184’s weighted keys are very expressive. The instrument also features graded hammer action keys that are perfect examples of progression from low end to high end. Again, the best piano keyboard features 24 voices, including electric pianos and 256 -note max polyphony. 

You will love the MIDI records function of this keyboard as it allows you to record your playing. Interestingly, the instrument features a USB connectivity that makes it a lot easier to connect with other devices. 

One thing every piano enthusiast will love about this instrument is the fact that it exudes authenticity. When you decide to play with your headphones, the stereophonic optimizer recreates a perfect experience that’s similar to that of an acoustic piano. 


  • The instrument features a stunning CFX sound engine
  • It has a beautiful graded action keys
  • The instrument gives you an authentic piano experience
  • It has a beautiful console


  • The Instrument lacks versatility.

#3. Yamaha CP88 – Best Piano Keyboard

If you are a producer, performer, or songwriter looking for a premium stage piano, the Yamaha CP88 is an excellent fit for you. Interestingly, the piano keyboard features an intuitive design that makes it exceptionally easy to use. 

Furthermore, the piano’s keyboard is light, but it can only handle a few knocks. The piano features Virtual Circuit Modelling (VCM) which improves sound by mimicking vintage effects and processors. 


  • The Yamaha CP88 features 3 grand pianos
  • It has vast choices of high-quality voices
  • It features a simple user interface
  • Yamaha CP88 has a Virtual Circuit Modelling
  • It gives a realistic feel when you play it


  • It’s not as powerful as the Roland RD-2000

#4. Kawai MP11SE

Kawai has a reputation for producing luxurious pianos and meticulous sampling. The MP11SE features Kawai’s Shigeru SK-EX, SK-5, and Kawai EX concert grand piano sounds. 

The Kawai MP11SE is more about the grand piano sound as it doesn’t have a vast selection of voices. It has a Virtual Technician technology that enables you to tweak your sound until you get it right. 


  • The Instrument features a very realistic hammer action keys
  • It has a luxurious concert grand piano sounds
  • The Piano user’s interface is simple
  • It features MIDI controller functions. 


  • The piano has limited voices.

#5. Casio CGP-700

If you are looking for a piano keyboard that will give you value for money, Casio CGP -700 is an excellent option. It’s a versatile instrument that’s packed with 550 different voices and 200 rhythms. It’s all you need to make your piano experience exceptional. 

Again, you can access the different voices and rhythms on the Casio CGP-700 through the 5.3” color touch panel. Any beginner can quickly get around the touch panel because it’s icon-based. You will love its USB recording features and its 17-track sequencer. 

Lastly, the Casio CGP-700 comes with a wooden stand that houses the 40W 6 speaker system. You can adjust this system to face you or the audience you are playing for. 


  • It’s versatile and has different voices and rhythms
  • It has a large color panel
  • The instrument comes with a 17-track sequencer
  • It has a USB recording feature
  • The piano’s speaker is adjustable\


  • The piano’s voices offer more versatility and less quality. 

#6. Best Piano Keyboard – Nord Stage 3

Nord Stage 3 is a fantastic piano keyboard that every professional musician should have. The instrument is split into 3 sections – piano, synth, and organ; each of them is uniquely customizable.

The sound quality of Nord Stage 3 is exceptional as the piano and synth sections’ memory is designed to allow more in-depth sampling. 

Again, the instrument’s organ section looks like a vintage rotary speaker with physical drawbars for more realistic tone control. The dedicated OLED display on the synth section enables you to adjust different parameters easily. 


  • The instrument has a high-quality sound
  • It has a dedicated section for each voice group
  • It features a physical drawbar for organ tone control
  • The piano has authentic digital effects.


  • The keyboard action isn’t performing as expected. 

#7. Korg Grandstage 88

Korg is a brand with an outstanding reputation for producing very intuitive and easy to control instruments. The Grandstage 88 is another great piano model from Korg. 

The instrument features a 3-band EQ with effects that you can easily adjust to enable you to play your tone in real-time. Interestingly, it has an exceptional layout with dynamic and favorite sections. The ideal section allows you to recall some of your most-used voices easily. 

Again, the Korg Grandstage 88 features 6 very authentic piano voices from concert grand pianos and upright pianos. You will enjoy the fact that the instrument has 500 voices, including electric pianos and organs. 


  • The instrument has a simple user interface
  • It features a dedicated, dynamic section
  • It has a Gorgeous piano sound
  • The piano keyboard action is nice
  • It has authentic effects


  • The instrument is not versatile.

#8. Roland RP501R – Best Piano Keyboard for Family

If you need a piano keyboard for family use, the Roland RP501R is an excellent option for you. The instrument utilizes the exclusive SuperNatural piano engine and features 300 voices and acoustic piano tones. It’s one of the most versatile pianos on this list. 

Furthermore, the instrument has great intuition features like dual split. Also, the piano bridges the gap between beginner and advance. With the Roland app, you can have access to the interactive learning materials of this instrument. 

Lastly, Roland RP501R has a record function that allows you to record the piano or USB drive directly. 


  • The instrument features a supernatural piano engine
  • It has realistic action hammer keys
  • You can have access to educational features through the app
  • It has about 300 voices
  • It features a USB function


  • Even though the instrument is versatile, most of its features are better suited for classical musicians. 


So, these are the best piano keyboards to buy in 2020. They are some of the best selling pianos in the market, and you will certainly get value for your money. However, it’s advisable to analyze your peculiar need for piano before making any purchase decision. 

best piano keyboard for beginners

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