The 7 Best Piano Keyboard Guide and Review

Looking for the best piano keyboard on the market? Whether you’re just starting out or ready to upgrade your current keyboard, it can be hard to narrow down the best options and choose which instrument to purchase. We’re here to help you make a decision! Here in this article, you’ll find a compiled list of the best piano keyboard options for consumers, based on the type of piano keyboard you are looking for.  Also included, are some of the best piano keyboard brands and the best piano keyboards for beginners.

Listed here are 7 of the best piano keyboards that you can find on the internet. This article will help you find piano keyboards that produce the best sound, feel the most authentic, and have the most valuable features. You’ll also find information like price, brand, and a link to where you can purchase each product. 

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What Is A Piano Keyboard 

Let’s start with a definition of a piano keyboard, as it can get a little confusing. A keyboard instrument is any instrument that includes a piece called a “keyboard.” However, many people refer to the portable, digital instruments that resemble a piano as a “keyboard.” But there are actually many types of instruments that most people consider a “keyboard.”  

The biggest difference between a piano and what most people call a “keyboard,” is the size. Additionally, most “keyboards” are portable and more affordable than a traditional piano. In this article, we will be referring to these as “piano keyboards” to avoid any confusion – and we’ll be discussing a few of the best piano keyboard options. 

Types of Piano Keyboards 

Next, are the types of a piano keyboard. As we mentioned, there are several different types of piano keyboards to know about before making a decision to purchase. Each type of piano keyboard varies from others in different ways including sound, range, cost, size, performance, and more. 

The first type of piano keyboards are beginners keyboards, which (as you might have guessed) are the best piano keyboards for beginners. They are usually limited in their sound and range in that they don’t have the complete range that others have. However, these piano keyboards generally tend to cost a little less. On the other hand, their keys are usually made of lesser quality material than higher quality keyboards (i.e. plastic vs. ivory). A beginner keyboard is the best piano keyboard for players that are just starting out or want to learn how to play. They are also great for younger children!

Next up, are arranger keyboards. These are one step up from a beginner keyboard and generally offer a wide range of built-in sounds and ranges that the keyboardist can use. This is a great keyboard for players who like to compose spontaneously and create the “one-man-band” sound with just one instrument.

The third type of piano keyboard is called a digital workstation. A digital workstation is great for keyboardists who want to have complete control of their sound.  While most digital workstations come with pre-programmed music and sounds, the keyboardist is able to record and manipulate their own sound to create the music they want to make.

The next keyboard type is called a synthesizer. While these look very similar to other types of keyboard pianos, the synthesizers have one big difference. Synthesizers allow a keyboardist to create their own music from scratch. These are the best piano keyboards for a musician who wants to create a unique sound from scratch.

Traditionally, we think of an organ as a large instrument that looks similar to a traditional piano. However, there is also a type of piano keyboard called an organ. These are newer versions of a traditional organ that try to mimic their sound and other musical properties. This type of piano keyboard is great for musicians who play the organ but want something smaller.

Next up is the hybrid, which is exactly what it sounds like! It is a mix of the other types of piano keyboards. There are many reasons that a musician might prefer a hybrid over another type of piano keyboard. For example, if they need a keyboard that has multiple functions, they can purchase just the hybrid, rather than two instruments.

The last type of piano keyboard is called a digital piano. The primary purpose of a digital piano is to provide an alternative to a standard/traditional piano. While it looks and sounds similar to a standard piano, this particular keyboard piano creates its sound through digitized recordings within the instrument.

Things To Look For In A Good Piano Keyboard

In the previous section, we covered the different types of piano keyboards. It’s also important to know what to look for when you are getting ready to make the purchase. Here are a few things that you should look for in order to identify a good piano keyboard. 

The first thing you want to look at is the kind of sound that the instrument produces. A quality piano keyboard will produce a nice sound and notes that the keyboardist will be able to hold and play off of. If the sound is a bit choppy, and the notes don’t hold, the piano keyboard is most likely not of high quality.

Next, you want to determine the kind of range that you want out of your piano keyboard. Novice keyboardists may only need 2-4 octaves to get the most out of their instrument, while more experienced musicians may want the full 7 octaves in their keyboard. While a keyboard with a lower number of octaves is not necessarily indicative of a lower quality, it is usually an indicator of a more novice instrument.

Unfortunately, a good, quality piano keyboard is not cheap; the best piano keyboards are costly. A cheaper piano keyboard usually means that it is meant for novice players and will likely not produce a quality sound that experienced players prefer.

There are also important features of a good piano keyboard that you want to look into before making a purchase. Important features include the built-in sounds, the acoustics, the digitalization, and whether it has USB ports or other capabilities. More advanced piano keyboards will have more of these unique, and high-value features.

The Top 7 Piano Keyboards 

After going over the types of piano keyboards, as well as the features to look at, let’s take a look at the best piano keyboard for each type of piano keyboard. Each of these keyboards has the best qualities for the type of keyboard piano it is. Also included is what could be a con to each; something that you may want to think about before making the purchase. 

  1. Joy JK-63M

The Joy JK-63M is a great option for a beginner piano keyboard. It also comes at a very reasonable price (under $150.00). The Joy JK-63M has 61 keys, 255 timbres, and 50 songs built into it. Beginners can learn with guides and demo songs, practicing to better control the keys and instruments. This quality piano keyboard also comes with keyboard percussion, a microphone jack, and a USB outlet for you to save your music on.

This piano keyboard only has 61 keys, so it would likely not be a good option for a professional; this is an ideal piano keyboard for beginners.

  1. Korg Pa4X

You’re the one in control when you’re playing on the Korg Pa4X professional arranger keyboard! The Korg Pa4x is a great option if you plan to compose and record with your keyboard. Some of the best features of this instrument include its sound and realisticness; it has a sound engine that provides a flawless and unique audio experience. The newest version of this instrument includes the best of the best! This includes new instruments, vocal effects, and sounds.

Korg is highly reputable and one of the best piano keyboard brands, which means that they are costly (upwards of $3,000.00). Another thing to consider is that, while it is a professional grade arranger, it does not have a full 88-key keyboard – the two options are 61 keys and 76 keys. 

  1. Roland FA-06B

The Roland FA-06B is the best digital workstation for musicians who want to perfect their sound. It has all the sounds and FX that will allow you to produce great music and cool sounds in any genre. Another feature of this keyboard is the authenticity; it is semi-weighted and has an easy-to-use layout that musicians and DJs will love. Because it is one of the best piano keyboards on the market, it does come at a cost (around $1,400.00). 

As with the arranger keyboards, the digital workstation does not include an 88-key keyboard. The Roland FA-06B has 61 keys. Additionally, this is not a piano keyboard that a beginner would want to practice with – it is more for advanced keyboardists and pianists.

  1. Yamaha CP88

The Yamaha CP88 is a synthesizer that allows musicians and performers to be their most creative selves. Yamaha is one of the best piano keyboard brands and they have created an innovative instrument that gives keyboardists the freedom to create unique sounds. It is also very intuitive to use! It has lots of effects and sounds that allow you to produce music from any genre with ease. Additionally, its’ 3 piano systems give it an incredibly authentic sound.

The CP88 has 88 keys and is meant for more professional musicians and performers. 

  1. Hammond SKX Dual Manual Organ

You can play the sounds of the classic organ with the Hammond SKX Dual Manual Organ! This instrument is compact and lightweight but packs a powerful sound. The system contains two popular 1960s combo organs, which make this instrument sound exactly like the original 1960s organs. One of the best features is that it gives you the freedom to make the music you want to make, by allowing the organist to independently raise or lower the range by one octave. This is a great option for an organist to practice at home, without having to purchase a larger instrument.

This is a system that is for professional musicians. It also comes at a professional price tag (approximately $3,000.00). 

  1. Casio XW-P1

This is one of the best hybrid keyboard options on the market! The Casio XW-P1 is a unique hybrid instrument that gives a unique sound. This piano keyboard allows the musician to produce sounds in a huge variety of ways. You can get very creative and very unique on this instrument. It combines the best of arrangers, digital workstations, synthesizers, and others to make such a unique and fun sound. 

This particular instrument is pretty affordable (around $500.00) and a great option for professionals who want to make a new sound using a hybrid instrument. 

  1. Roland – RD-2000

The Roland RD-2000 is the best digital piano. This is a top-notch instrument that includes the best sounds of a piano in a lighter, digital form. This digital piano is the best piano keyboard on the market for advanced pianists who want to continue their practice at home, at the studio, or even on stage. It has a very authentic feel and musicians are able to have complete control while playing this instrument. 

This instrument is definitely for advanced pianists; it is probably not the best idea for beginners (or even intermediates) to invest in a piano keyboard of this caliber (plus the cost is upwards of $2,500.00).

These are 7 of the highest reviewed, best-selling, best-sounding instruments on the market and each one has qualities of being the best piano keyboard on the market. Making the decision to purchase a piano keyboard starts with the type of piano keyboard that you want to have, as well as the stage of playing that you are currently at. Beginners should always start with a beginner piano; while intermediate and advanced players have other options depending on the type of music they want to create.

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