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Toddler Guitar

Do you have a great little musician at home? That is, without a doubt, a reason for joy. It has been shown that music has enormous benefits for the development of children and it is fantastic that they have an interest in it. If you are thinking of buying a guitar for your child, you have come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the best toddler guitars available in the market.

With the amount of time, our children currently lose with television and video games, it might be difficult to get them to play instruments. For this reason, we must support this initiative and offer the little one a guitar with which to learn and have fun.

The toddler guitar is also classified in the educational category because, in addition to entertaining, it brings a series of knowledge to the little ones. Not only for its immediate future, but it can also extend for several years if music becomes your child’s passion to study it in professional teaching centers.

These toddler guitars also have accessories such as the guitar stand and a band that allows your kid to hold it just as if it were made in real life. Also to bring the experience like a rockstar they offer you glasses, lights, and even a microphone for more fun

Our Top Picks

1. Simba Toys Children’s Guitar

Guitar 56 centimeters long recommended for toddlers from 36 months of age. The strings of this electric guitar are metal for a more realistic look and feel. However, they are designed not to hurt toddlers’ fingers. It is available in two very cool colors (Red and black). Together with its very rock and vintage design will, it gives you a musical instrument that will stimulate the creativity of your little ones. 

It works with two R6 double AA batteries already included in the pack. This in turn thanks to its DEMO button and its integrated speaker will provide you with real sounds of a rock guitar. 

This toddler guitar is made of very good quality plastic and has a very attractive price. This is suitable for parents who want to introduce their toddlers to the world of musical instruments. 


  • With metal ropes
  • With included speaker
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Includes batteries


  • Length: 56 centimeters long
  • Plastic material
toddler guitar

2. CLAUDIO REIG electronic guitar

This guitar is designed for the smallest of the house since it is an ideal size for toddlers between the ages of two and six. It has six very strong plastic strings that are special for toddlers and that will make this musical instrument have a more realistic appearance. It includes a strap to be able to play the guitar standing up like a rockstar. With its included speaker and its three demo buttons that emit real guitar sounds, your little one will be able to develop their creative skills through imitation games. 


  • With 6 plastic strings
  • With speaker included
  • Three DEMO songs
  • Uses double AA batteries


  • Length: 55 centimeters
  • Plastic material

3. Toy Guitar New Classic Toys

This acoustic guitar from the New Classic Toys brand is ideal for beginner toddlers. With it, your child can learn to play his first strums. Its design resembles that of a Spanish toddler guitar or a classical guitar. 

This includes several very useful beginner accessories such as replacement strings, pick and strap. It is built-in lacquered wood and beech wood that will provide you with a brilliant sound. This instrument is ideal for toddlers between the ages of three and five and will help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination through music. 


  • Built-in Wood
  • Includes replacement strings, plectrum, and strap
  • With classic style


  • Length: 59.7 centimeters
  • Material: Beech Wood

4. LEXiBOOK Disney Frozen Guitar for Toddlers

This coolly designed LexiBook toy guitar is the best choice for young toddlers who show an interest in the world of music. With this toddler guitar, your kid will imitate their favorite artists while developing skills. Your toddler can go in to develop skills such as hand-eye coordination and practicing rhythm and musical ear. 

It has 4 strings to give a more realistic touch to the guitar. With its integrated speaker your child will be able to play 6 melodies and 6 rhythms that are integrated with this instrument. In the same way, thanks to the strap that is included in the package, you can play standing up like a music star. 

This toy guitar also has an automatic shutdown system so that when your little one stops playing, it will automatically turn off. This saves batteries, making it an excellent option for its value for money. 


  • With automatic shutdown
  • Includes 6 songs and 6 musical rhythms
  • With included speaker
  • Volume control


  • Length: 44.5 centimeters
  • Plastic material

5. Think Gizmos Toy Guitar

This toddler guitar from the Think Gizmos brand is the most affordable option for those young budding musicians. It’s great for toddlers who want to introduce themselves to the exciting world of music. This guitar features 3 sound modes (keyboard mode, animal mode, and game mode) that will change the sounds of the buttons located on the neck of the guitar. 

In the body of the guitar there is a movement sensor that will detect how your little one moves his hand. This will allow it to emit different sounds through its integrated speaker. Likewise, this guitar of the selection has interactive lights on all its buttons, which makes it a great gift for toddlers from 18 months. 


  • 3 sound modes
  • Integrated speaker
  • Interactive lights


  • Length: 46.5 centimeters
  • Material: ABS

6. VTech Strum and Jam Kidi Musical Guitar

This guitar from the VTech brand is excellent for developing the musical skills and interest in the music of the little ones in the house. It is a perfect gift since its sweet sound stimulates the hearing of your toddlers.

This 4-string guitar is designed for toddlers over the age of three and features 8 pre-recorded songs and rhythms. The songs and rhythms both come with sounds and guitar and other musical instruments. It includes a strap to be able to play it standing up. Also, thanks to its three double AA batteries, its infrared induction function detects the movement of the hand and thus emits different sounds. 


  • 8 musical songs
  • Includes back strap
  • With infrared induction function


  • Length: 53 centimeters
  • Plastic material

7. CLAUDIO REIG toy guitar

This small guitar from the Claudio Reig brand is the least expensive option on the market since compared to other guitars. It can be tuned so that the little ones can give their first strumming and enter the wonderful world of music. 

It has four strings and is made of plastic, making it very light and resistant. Also, It is recommended for boys and girls over 3 years old. This guitar will help them promote disinhibition while exercising rhythm and hand-eye coordination. This acoustic guitar does not need batteries and you can take it wherever you want thanks to its strap. 


  • Does not need batteries
  • Can be Tuned
  • Light and strong


  • Length: 35 centimeters
  • Plastic material

Things Nobody Tells You About Toddlers and Music

Music is one of the things that most influence our lives, something that can start from an early age. Toddlers can find great learning in musical instruments, from learning new sounds when they are little to a new skill as they get older. It has been shown that music has enormous benefits for the development of children and it is fantastic that they have an interest in it.

Music, in addition to becoming a great anti-stress relaxant, is a motivating and empowering element in the psychological and motor development of children. That is why you can encourage your little ones to get involved in the world of music, especially acquiring skills to play an instrument. 

Learning to play an instrument can be extremely beneficial for children, helping them develop their cognitive skills. So the best toddler’s guitar will be ideal to perfect their creativity, ingenuity, and even communication, in addition to being extremely fun.

What age can I switch my toddler from a toy to a real guitar?

Surely you have heard on numerous occasions that “children are like sponges, they have an enormous capacity for absorbing knowledge”. And this saying is right. For this reason, there is no specific age to start playing the guitar. This moment will depend mainly on the abilities of each child.

Of course, it is important that how we introduce the little one to learning the guitar is correct. Therefore, there are toddler guitars for children of different sizes that adapt perfectly to this process. At the end of the day, more than age, it is about height and capabilities.

The advantages of Toy Guitars for Toddlers

Playing guitars and other musical toys can benefit toddlers in developing their coordination and skills. In the former, this is possible by having to play a string in the correct order to achieve a chord, which requires spatial reasoning to achieve it, as well as good control of its movements.

Therefore, it will be beneficial for your toddler’s development, both physically and mentally. This is why the guitar must be the correct size for their hands, height, and abilities.

Playing the guitar and achieving a song will be a great achievement for a child. It also increases their confidence, social skills, and emotional state. Increasing the creativity of your toddlers will be as easy as providing them with the right tools. 

A guitar will be incredible, both to keep them moving, with great fun, and to provide them with a tool that will promote their growth. As you know, toddler guitars are loaded with benefits, especially for younger ones. Also music has a huge impact on their growth, helping them understand melodies and sounds.

Playing with a guitar is an ideal way to benefit the sensory development of toddlers. It makes it easier for them to understand images, colors, touch, and increasing their listening skills. Below is a list of other advantages of toy guitars for toddlers

Intelligence: In general, music stimulates the intelligence of the little ones and favors the development of their main abilities.

Creativity: The guitar allows the child to develop creativity and talent. Furthermore, it is the basic instrument of the compositions.

Self-esteem: Learning to play the guitar brings confidence and self-confidence.

Fun: Going to guitar lessons is fun and a good way to socialize.

Cognitive development: Any musical instrument stimulates the brain, memory, and fosters the child’s cognitive and manual skills.

Concentration: While learning to play the guitar, the child improves and works with attention, concentration, patience, perseverance, and perseverance.

Peace: The guitar is not an annoying instrument in terms of the noise it produces when you don’t know how to play, such as a battery, for example.

Playing an instrument is a much more interesting activity than watching television or playing video games.


Toddler guitars are a great way to make kids have fun, but as you may know, they also have a lot of benefits. These guitars help in developing their motor skills, coordination, and stimulating their senses, especially hearing. The things to look out for in toddler guitars are things you model such as LEXiBOOK which is ideal for the little ones. However, the new classic Toys will be ideal for beginners of the strings.

Both music and practice with instruments provide multiple benefits in the development of the little ones. Today, we can find a wide variety of guitar models for toddlers, so it is very important to inform ourselves before making a decision

toddler guitar

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