Best Trumpet Brands – A Must Read Review

Best Trumpet Brands – A Must Read Review

If you are in the market for a new trumpet, then look no further than this guide! This comprehensive guide and review will help you narrow down the best trumpet options. We’ve provided you with all the information you need including the best trumpet brands, pricing, types of trumpets, and finally the best trumpet options for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 

We hope you find this review to be helpful.


best trumpet brands

What is a Trumpet?

The trumpet is an instrument in the brass family and is most commonly used in orchestra and jazz ensembles. Trumpets produce sound by someone blowing into the mouthpiece. The trumpet player can manipulate the sounds by moving their mouth and blowing with different amounts of pressure.

There are also several different types of trumpets, each one produces a slightly different sound than the others. The most common type of trumpet is the Bb Trumpet. We’ll go over this type and all the other types in this article.

How Much Does A Trumpet Cost? What Is An Ideal Budget?

The price of your trumpet will depend on the cost and whether it is intended for beginners or more advanced players. If you are just starting out, you can find beginner trumpets for under $500. If you are a more advanced player, you may be looking at upwards of $1,500 for a quality trumpet.

Your ideal budget will depend on the type of trumpet you are looking for.  We suggest savings up to at least $300 for a beginner trumpet and about $1,000-$1500 for more advanced instruments. A high-quality professional trumpet is likely to cost over $2,000. 

Price is also dependent on the trumpet brand. Below we’ve included some of the best trumpet brands and their cost so that you can determine what instrument is best for you.

How Does Age Effect Playing The Trumpet?

Age can affect the level of trumpet playing because it takes a lot of practice to be able to produce the sound. Playing the trumpet is reliant on how well you can blow into the mouthpiece – which actually takes a lot of lung power!

If your child or student is only just starting to learn how to play the trumpet, they would need a beginner trumpet, which would be easier for them to play.


There are 8 different types of trumpets that we will go over in this section. Each type varies slightly from the others and we’ll be explaining the differences, pros, and cons of each type.

First is the Bb Trumpet, which as we mentioned before is one of the most common types of trumpets. It’s a great trumpet for beginners; or even intermediates and advanced players who want to really hone in on their skills.

The second type is the Bb Pocket Trumpet. The Bb Pocket Trumpet is a very similar instrument to the Bb Trumpet but has a slightly more refined sound. This trumpet isn’t exactly the best option for beginners, but its size makes it a great travel/practice trumpet for intermediate and advanced players.

Next is the C Trumpet, which is also similar to the Bb Trumpet but has a slightly brighter and louder sound and a higher pitch.  Additionally, this is lighter weight than the Bb Trumpet which makes it easier to carry around. It is a bit more difficult to play than the Bb, but it can be a good option for beginners who want a more advanced instrument, or again, for intermediates and advanced players who want to hone their skills.

Then we have the D Trumpet. One important thing to note about the D Trumpet is that it is not used as a single instrument, but rather as a strong addition to other brass instruments in performance. It has a distinct higher pitched sound than its similar brass instruments. 

The Bugle is another type of trumpet, that actually has a very distinct purpose. You most likely won’t see Bugles in an orchestra performance, or in any type of jazz ensemble. The Bugle was created for military use; to call soldiers when they were due for duty. While original versions of the Bugle had no valves, most modern-day versions do have valves.

Next up is the Flugelhorn instrument. This is a common trumpet used in jazz ensembles and ballad songs. It produces a softer, but similar sound to the trumpets listed above. This is a great option for intermediate and advanced players who specifically play jazz music. 

The smallest of the 8 types of trumpets is the Piccolo. The Piccolo was actually created to replace the D Trumpet and has another higher-pitched, distinct sound. This trumpet is pitched one octave higher than the Bb Trumpet. While it is commonly used in orchestra performances, it is actually used in many modern musical genres as well. 

Lastly, we have the most unique of the bunch: the pTrumpet; the world’s first fully functioning plastic Bb Trumpet. Technically, this is a subtype of the Bb Trumpet, because it plays the same way as the Bb, but the look and feel are very different. This one is ideal for beginners!


In addition to the different types of trumpets, there are also many accessories that you can get for your trumpet. The most common accessories for the trumpet are mouthpieces, cases, and stands.

There are different kinds of mouthpieces that you can get for each type of trumpet. The varying mouthpieces come in a variety of materials, sizes, prices, and weight. 

You can also get cases, maintenance tools, stands, mutes, and more. These are all dependent on your skill level and the type of trumpet you have.

Best Trumpet Brands

Now that we’ve gone over all the types of trumpets that you can purchase, we will go over all of the best trumpet brands that you can find on the market. These brands are reputable and used by professional and amateur musicians alike.


This is one of the most popular trumpet brands among both students and professionals. The Bach brand has been evolving since 1918 when Vincent Bach began making his own mouthpieces. Now, Bach is known as having well constructed, high-quality instruments for players at all levels.


Yamaha is another very popular trumpet brand worldwide. While they are regarded as one of the more expensive brands on the market, Yamaha makes high-quality instruments that have a high resale value – which makes it a great option for beginners! 


Getzen is one of the best trumpet brands for professional and intermediate musicians. Their instruments are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. While Getzen does have a few trumpet lines for beginners, their main focus is on professional instruments, and they can be quite costly.


King makes a number of great trumpet options for both students and intermediate players. They are on the more expensive side, so it could be an investment!


Monette trumpets are some of the most expensive on the market. This is a brand that is absolutely intended for advanced trumpet players. Monette trumpets are of high quality and very highly regarded (and used) by a number of professional musicians. 

Jean Paul

If you are looking for a brand that caters specifically to beginners and intermediates, Jean Paul is the way to go. Their intermediate instruments are highly rated and some of the best selling intermediate trumpets on the market.


Jupiter is a great, reliable brand! Their instruments come with great warranties so that you can feel good about making such a large purchase. Their beginner and intermediate instruments are some of the highest regarded among students and amateur musicians because of their quality and ease of play.

Mendini By Cecilio

Mendini by Cecilio is one of the best trumpet brands for beginners and students. They have a variety of cost-efficient instruments that produce a high-quality sound; perfect for players who are just beginning to play.

Best Beginner Trumpets

  1. The Yamaha YTR-2330 is a reliable, easy to play and beautifully-sounding trumpet for beginners. While this instrument costs around $800, it is a great investment for players who are serious about playing the trumpet for a long time. It also has a great resale value, if you plan to sell your instrument in the future.
  1. Next up is the Jean Paul TR-330 Student Trumpet. This one is much more affordable than the Yamaha, and still great quality. You can find this one for under $200 on Amazon. It is compact and easily transportable, making it perfect for students!
  1. With its low cost and highly rated reviews, the Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet is one of the best trumpets for students and beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money (this one costs around $120). The MTT-L is one of the highest quality student/beginner trumpets on the market and is a great option for new players.

Best Intermediate Trumpets

  1. The King 2055-T Silver Flair Series is a great trumpet option for intermediate players, including high school or college students, or amateur musicians. Be warned, this instrument does come with a higher price tag ($1,250) but the cost is worth it for musicians who plan to continue their practice long-term.
  1. The Getzen 590-S Trumpet is another great trumpet for intermediate players. This instrument makes it easy for intermediate players to continue their practice on a high-quality instrument. At around $1700 this instrument is definitely an investment! But we think you’ll be very impressed by the strong, bold sound on this Getzen trumpet – a favorite among aspiring trumpet players!
  1. Lastly, we have the Jupiter 1100S, another great option for intermediate trumpet players. You can count on Jupiter to produce a high-quality instrument that lasts. The Jupiter 1100S costs about the same as the King 2055-T ($1,250). While it is an investment, you’ll have this instrument for a long time and be able to really hone in on your skills.

Best Professional Trumpets

  1. The Bach 180S37 Stradivarius is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular professional trumpets on the market. A producer of the highest quality sound, this instrument is a well-suited choice for orchestral performances and for jazz performances, as well. Professional musicians will find this instrument highly versatile. This trumpet costs around $3,000.
  1. You can’t go wrong with a Getzen, and the Getzen 907S Proteus Professional Trumpet is a great option for professional musicians. This trumpet is made with the highest quality of materials and produces a sound superior to other brands. You can find this instrument for around $2,000 on Amazon.
  2. Lastly, we have the Yamaha YTR-8345 Xeno Series which costs around $2,200. As we know, Yamaha is one of the best trumpet brands, and their YTR-8345 is one of the best professional trumpets that you can find. You’ll be amazed by the quality and sound that it produces.

History of the Trumpets

From the Bugle to the pTrumpet, this instrument has evolved immensely over time. Since BC, humans have been using trumpet-like instruments as signaling devices – much like what the Bugle was first used for. What we consider to be the more modern trumpet, was created in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods.  The Baroque era was when valves were added to the instrument, leading to the creation of the “natural trumpet.” 

We hope this information has proved helpful in your search for a new trumpet! The trumpet and brand that you end up choosing will be dependent on your skill level. Some of the best trumpet brands for beginners are Mendini by Cecilio and Jean-Paul. While Bach and Yamaha are two of the most popular, and highly regarded brands for professionals. And there are so many other great brands, too, that offer great, high-quality instruments.

Ultimately, it will come down to your skill level, your budget, and your preferred type of trumpet. Once you have figured those factors out, you can start your search for the right instrument!

best trumpet brands

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