Left Handed Children’s Guitar

left handed children's guitar

Although someone’s dominant hand may not seem like a big deal, finding anything left-handed, like a left handed children’s guitar can be a struggle. Or any products that fit their needs. Notebooks, baseball mitts, and scissors are among the many items made for right-handed people.  In reality, 10% of the world identifies as a leftie … Read more

Best Instruments for Kids

best instruments for kids

Are you looking for a hobby for your child? Why not learn an instrument! Picking up music as a hobby can help with brain development and other cognitive functions. In this article, you’ll find the best instruments for kids to learn on.  From drum sets to keyboards, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list … Read more

Easy Drum Songs: In-depth Guide

easy drum songs

Learning hоw tо рlау nеw easy drum songs iѕ a great way tо expand your drumming ѕkillѕ аnd have fun. Whеn you’re just gеtting ѕtаrtеd, it’ѕ grеаt to choose ѕоngѕ thаt are not оnlу еаѕу, but sound grеаt.  You should find a gооd balance between рlауing еаѕу songs аt first аnd improving уоur ѕkillѕ. Playing … Read more

Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500

If you are just learning to play the drums or need a quiet option compared to a real drum set, electronic drum sets are your best bet. They have a few benefits that will serve drummers better, offering them the opportunity to perform or practice without the difficulty of a standard set. Finding the best … Read more

Best Drum Sеt fоr 8 Yеаr Old Musician 2021

drum set for 8 year old

Gеtting a drum ѕеt fоr 8 уеаr оld musicans can be ԛuitе a сhаllеnging tаѕk for аnу раrеnt, more ѕо whеn thе parent iѕ not musically inclined.  What dо уоu dо whеn уоur cute little 8 уеаr оld wаlkѕ uр tо you аnd рорѕ the ԛuеѕtiоn, “саn I play the drums?”  Aѕ a раrеnt, уоu’rе … Read more

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

online guitar lessons for kids

The guitar is an amazing instrument that most people love playing. And if you have kids who are excited about this instrument, you can help them hone their skills. Trust me; if your kids start playing at an early age, it will become part of them when they grow. So, in this article, I will … Read more

Best Kids Bass Guitar & Guide

kids bass guitar

Setting your child up for success means getting the best kids bass guitar for them and your pocket. Paul McCartney may have been more popular than George Harrison, but they were both parts of the legendary Beatles.  The only difference? One played guitar and one played bass. However, they were both just as important in … Read more

Best Drum Set for a 10-year-old Guide and Review

drum set for 10 year old

Trying to find the best drum set for 10-year-old? It can be hard to know which set to purchase for your child, especially when there are so many options on the market. There are a lot of factors to think about, including your child’s level of experience, the amount of playtime, and your personal budget. … Read more

Best Intermediate Flute 2020 – Review and Guide

intermediate flute

If you are a beginner flute player requiring upgrading your playing skills, the intermediate flute is the right choice for you.  Every flute is not the same, all are designed to suit the different levels of playing skills, and if you intend to enhance your beginner flute, then you need careful thought to actualize that.  … Read more

Best Guitar Strings for Metal– Ultimate Guide

best guitar strings for metal

Heavy metal guitar is an American cultural staple but can be difficult to recreate with your instrument. Whether you have the right guitar setup or not, these specific, best guitar strings for metal, heavy, can improve your guitar’s tone and get that low tone sound. Metal music truly began around the 1960s, as The Rolling … Read more