The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece

trumpet mouthpiece

In a hurry? Here are our topic picks… The Mouthpiece Function The mouthpiece function of all brass instruments is exactly the same. According to Bruce Chidester, a former professor of music at the University of Northern Iowa, a trumpet mouthpiece is there to help vibrate your upper and lower lip as air passes through them. … Read more

Learn To Play Piano Within a Month

learn to play piano

A piano is one of the most amazing musical instruments. It’s unique and can give you endless joy when you are feeling depressed. However, it’s quite intimidating if you don’t know how to play this exceptional instrument. People who learn to play the piano will always find the skill useful in the future.  Unlike in … Read more

Guitar For Kids – The Ultimate Guide

guitar for kids

When your kids have a passion for music, you want to do everything you can to support and encourage their hobby. Becoming a musician at an early age, after all, develops a child’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, memory, and hand-eye coordination. However, when the parent isn’t familiar with musical instruments, it can be overwhelming trying … Read more

Kids Drum Set – The Ultimate Guide

kids drum set

While we can only hope that our kids’ new endeavors are simple, we often aren’t that lucky. Parents of budding musicians, in particular, find it difficult to sort through all of the different instruments out there when their child wants to learn something new.  This is especially true of kids drum sets. There are tons … Read more