Left Handed Children’s Guitar

left handed children's guitar

Although someone’s dominant hand may not seem like a big deal, finding anything left-handed, like a left handed children’s guitar can be a struggle. Or any products that fit their needs. Notebooks, baseball mitts, and scissors are among the many items made for right-handed people.  In reality, 10% of the world identifies as a leftie … Read more

Best Instruments for Kids

best instruments for kids

Are you looking for a hobby for your child? Why not learn an instrument! Picking up music as a hobby can help with brain development and other cognitive functions. In this article, you’ll find the best instruments for kids to learn on.  From drum sets to keyboards, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list … Read more

Best Drum Sеt fоr 8 Yеаr Old Musician 2021

drum set for 8 year old

Gеtting a drum ѕеt fоr 8 уеаr оld musicans can be ԛuitе a сhаllеnging tаѕk for аnу раrеnt, more ѕо whеn thе parent iѕ not musically inclined.  What dо уоu dо whеn уоur cute little 8 уеаr оld wаlkѕ uр tо you аnd рорѕ the ԛuеѕtiоn, “саn I play the drums?”  Aѕ a раrеnt, уоu’rе … Read more

Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

online guitar lessons for kids

The guitar is an amazing instrument that most people love playing. And if you have kids who are excited about this instrument, you can help them hone their skills. Trust me; if your kids start playing at an early age, it will become part of them when they grow. So, in this article, I will … Read more

Best Kids Bass Guitar & Guide

kids bass guitar

Setting your child up for success means getting the best kids bass guitar for them and your pocket. Paul McCartney may have been more popular than George Harrison, but they were both parts of the legendary Beatles.  The only difference? One played guitar and one played bass. However, they were both just as important in … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Kids Ukulele

kids ukulele

Kids Ukulele are the perfect topic because not only are they small and they only have four strings, but they are much easier to play than a guitar.  They are also much cheaper, they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns, and you can get a high quality instrument for a relatively small … Read more

High School Band – Know It All

high school band

If you have an undying passion and quenchable thirst for music, you should consider joining a band in high school. A high school band is an umbrella body that houses student musicians. If you are a member of any of the high school bands, you will be rehearsing and performing instrumental music with other students.  … Read more

Best Toddler Guitars

toddler guitar

Toddler Guitar Do you have a great little musician at home? That is, without a doubt, a reason for joy. It has been shown that music has enormous benefits for the development of children and it is fantastic that they have an interest in it. If you are thinking of buying a guitar for your … Read more

Best Electric Guitar for Kids

best electric guitar for kids

Are you having trouble finding the right size of an electric guitar for your child? Finding the right electric guitar that will suit your child can be a bit frustrating, that is why we have reviewed the best electric guitar for kids. To allow your kid to flourish, he or she will need a guitar … Read more

Kids Keyboard – Guide and Reviews

kids keyboard

Are you having a tough time trying to find the perfect keyboard for your kids? Or just want the perfect combination of quality and price? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that in this comprehensive guide,  what the best options have to offer, have been researched and reviewed. The hard part has been taken … Read more