Guitar Lessons for Kids – Free, At Home, and More

guitar lessons for kids

Playing the guitar could be a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby for your kids. With the right guitar lessons for kids, the guitar can become a satisfying outlet for their creativity and outlet for music.  From time immemorial, people have always used guitars to express their feelings and personality. If you have been wondering how you … Read more

Best Electric Guitar for Kids

best electric guitar for kids

Are you having trouble finding the right size of an electric guitar for your child? Finding the right electric guitar that will suit your child can be a bit frustrating, that is why we have reviewed the best electric guitar for kids. To allow your kid to flourish, he or she will need a guitar … Read more

Best Baritone Ukulele

General Overview The ukulele is a very popular instrument that is easy to learn and fun to play. It can make virtually any song sound great and people love hearing their favorite tunes played on a ukulele.   The small size of ukuleles also means they are very portable which makes them the perfect option for … Read more


earn to play the guitar

Have you decided to learn to play the guitar? Well, first of all, I want to give you my warmest congratulations, because, among all the hobbies that a person could undertake today, I am convinced that playing the guitar is one of the noblest and intelligent. The problem is that those who approach the guitar … Read more

Best Beginner Guitar for Kids

Best Beginner Guitar for Kids

Playing the guitar is a good hobby most parents would be happy to have their kids be interested in. However, teaching them how to play this lovely musical instrument isn’t the end of the journey. You want to get them the best beginner guitar for kids. In doing this, you have to match your budget … Read more

Bsus4 Guitar Chord and Chord Charts

bsus4 guitar chord

The Bsus4 stands for B suspended 4th; it’s a sensitive chord that makes playing the guitar beautiful. When playing the Bsus4, the 3rd of a major or a minor chord is suspended and replaced by a perfect 4th. Interestingly, it’s easy to locate the Bsus4 Guitar chord if you take the chord shape of a … Read more

Guitar For Kids – The Ultimate Guide

guitar for kids

When your kids have a passion for music, you want to do everything you can to support and encourage their hobby. Becoming a musician at an early age, after all, develops a child’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, memory, and hand-eye coordination. However, when the parent isn’t familiar with musical instruments, it can be overwhelming trying … Read more