Top In Ear Monitor for Drummers 2020

One problem many drummers face is hearing them while performing on stage. It can be quite difficult hearing yourself or your brand with the whole crowd yelling and cheering. As a drummer, you deserve the best in-ear monitors to keep your focus on the game, especially when the crowd is cheering and yelling. 

It is not always easy to make the right choice among the multitude of in-ear monitors for drummers available on the market. In-ear monitors are essentially earplugs and earplugs. They help you get a balanced mix of instruments on stage while providing your hearing with the appropriate protection by creating a barrier.

Top Picks Chart

1. TIN Audio T2 in-Ear Wired Headphone

If this is the precise sound you want and you have a lower budget, then the ventilated design of this 10MM + 6MM tweeter on these in-ear cables has excellent “flat” sound, which real professionals tend to prefer. Since the frequency response can always be adjusted on the mixer o. The in-ear monitor for drummers has a very adaptable design, thanks to 3 pairs of silicone tips and 1 pair of foam tips, and therefore comfortable. The fact that they use standard MMCX connectors and detachable cables make it easy to personalize the way you work with them. 

2. Shure SE215 wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 

Shure is a highly respected brand that has provided professional audio stage equipment until the days of Who and Led Zeppelin. Now, some audio professionals are thinking twice about using Bluetooth wirelessly. The great advantage is that there is no cable to worry about, which gives great freedom of movement for a drummer or any other member of the group. 

The downside for some is the difficulty of setting up and relying on multiple Bluetooth connections. The good news is that this in-ear monitor for drummers uses the latest Bluetooth 5 wireless technology, which offers superior quality and robustness, is energy efficient (it has up to 10 hours of battery life), and is generally good for around 30 feet (10 meters) of rank. There is also good sound isolation in these Shures, which is ideal for drummers, and especially useful with electronic stage drums, as there is no acoustic guide for playing otherwise. 

3. KZ ZS10 Pro in-ear monitors 

If the price is an issue, we recommend these KEM IEM wired. Make sure you get the ones that don’t have a mic and you’ll save more cost (and more hassle). These have smart features like a two-pin plug and cable, which are less prone to breakage only one pin, and simply, those The KZ ZS10s are good inexpensive in-ear monitors for drummers

4. Audio Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones

You will like this IED Audio Technica when you test them in rehearsals. You can use them with some other in-ear monitors for drummers with conventional external corners for comparison. It allows you to take the output of the drum microphone on the mixer then feed some through the ground control speakers so everyone can hear each other.  

It passed our theoretical test and it worked very interestingly. The first and most obvious point was to obtain a quality roughly equivalent to Audio Technica, which meant that the floor shim system was very subject to comment. Your microphones will pick up the equivalent signal returned, then loop it around the ear separation volume. So there is no competition there as the Audio Technica has won this battle. We’ve tried other EMIs before and we didn’t like the sound, but these are high-end models that impressed us. 

5. SIMGOT EN700 PRO In-Ear Hi-Fi 

Also in the highest cost category, these excellent Simgot wired IEMS. They are ideal for electronic drums because they have a fairly flat frequency response from 15 Hz to 40 kHz, although they avoid a multi-pilot design, which is significantly better than some other IEMs. They also have a cable far superior to some, as it is much less prone to microphones. Now remember these drummer jokes, well, these can be opted in red (for the left) and blue (for the right) for drummers who don’t know which ear is which. 

6. Audio MEE – MX3 Pro Hybrid Triple Driver HP 

MEE adopted a design philosophy different from Simgot in this in-ear monitor for drummers. Here, on this wired IED, we see the use of three drivers: a 10mm voice coil subwoofer, a midrange armature, and an HF armor. It also works very well, with generally balanced sound and reasonable sound isolation. There are a lot of possibilities to customize them to be as comfortable as possible. 

7. LINNER NC50 OK noise-canceling Bluetooth earphones 

OK, let’s go back to Bluetooth wireless technology, and this time we are going to go ahead with introducing noise cancellation. Now, not everyone thinks that suppressing noise on stage is a good thing. However, if you think about it, if the sound engineer in the office is doing his job properly and you are in a group with one of the most addicted to the decibels of joint cracking, why not throw them (up to 28 dB) 

These Liners also tick many other boxes, with a selection of ear tip sizes, water-resistance of IPX4 level (ideal for sweaty drummers), and reasonable sound quality at a reasonable price. 

8. HIDIZS MS1 wired headset 

If you want the IEDs to be beautiful, beautiful HIDIZS (you can have them in silver/steel or black) should be on your list. The selection of different headphones is very welcome and the sound quality is extremely good at this price, powered by a single dynamic driver, although the bass is not up to par with other competing models. The supplied cable can be replaced or changed as it uses a 0.78mm 2-pin connection. 

9. TENHZ DT3 wired in-ear monitor 

The Tenhz DT3 is another in-ear monitor for drummers on the list. This is another of our multiple controller options, with standard three-way LF / MF / HF separation, covering 20 Hz to 40 kHz and there is some crossover. The design is plastic, unlike some metallic versions, we have revised and therefore a little lighter than some. There are a detachable cable and a selection of earphone grommet sizes. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Do I Need an In-Ear Monitor to Play Drums?

If you play in decent concert halls as a member of a group, then this is a wise investment. When you are in a live performance situation, your audio is routed to the audience through sound reinforcement, as it should. This often creates a problem where people on stage can’t hear what’s going on. This is usually due to the sound bouncing around the room and coming back to them.

Feedback speakers are placed at the front of the stage to ensure the reproduction of audio in front of the players. However, since drums are usually in the center of the background and it is a noisy musical instrument without amplification, things can become problematic.

An in-ear monitor for drummers has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to have selective power with the levels that you specifically want from each battery. So if you want to hear the bass first, you can. Likewise, if you rely on a vocal line to know when to kick the chorus, you can have a higher level of the singer arriving.

A quality in-ear monitor will also allow you to reduce your decibels by acting as an earplug. We would like to emphasize that this is also important for the majority of musicians who play in a large concert hall. 

Even if you are not in a band, a pair of in-ear monitors is a useful training tool for practicing playing new songs in your potential set-lists. Filter the highest decibels in your battery and allow you to listen without having to turn your device on at dangerous levels.

What to Look For In an Ear Monitor

In addition to decent audio reproduction, you should focus on comfort and durability when shopping for an in-ear live show or in-studio monitors. Price can dictate that, but you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort if you’re going to be playing 2-3 sets regularly.

If you are shopping with very small funds, it would probably be better to get something inexpensive but ergonomic. Even if you will need to replace them sooner than something made sustainably, that could damage your ears.


Getting your hands on an in-ear monitor that won’t break the bank is a fairly easy task with plenty available. Of course, the cheapest products will always be a little cheaper, which is normal. But, you will find, whatever your budget, there are good deals to be made which will allow you to find sensible solutions.

The benefits of an in-ear monitor can make the difference between a small weekend drummer and a touring professional. Also, there is never a bad time to start using one. We hope you found this buying guide for in-ear drummers very useful. However, if we were to choose an in-ear monitor, we would suggest you go for the Shure SE215 as it offers good sound and quality at a reasonable price.

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