Best Intermediate Flute 2020 – Review and Guide

If you are a beginner flute player requiring upgrading your playing skills, the intermediate flute is the right choice for you. 

Every flute is not the same, all are designed to suit the different levels of playing skills, and if you intend to enhance your beginner flute, then you need careful thought to actualize that. 

Any individual who wants to learn how to play flute will need a beginner flute, which is ideal for understanding the basics. However, upgrading to an intermediate flute is required when you intend to hone your playing skills to an intermediate level.

It is now harder for anyone who wants to get an intermediate flute as there are presently many flute brands on the market to choose from. A future flutist might wish to question their talent if they end up with a poor flute.

Every brand has its very own unique construction. To choose the best flute, an intermediate player needs to consider factors such as instrument size, plating and color, brand loyalty, pad consistency, and price. 

Various brands of flute come with differing qualities, which are critical in making the decision. 

Top Intermediate Flutes

What is an intermediate flute?

An intermediate flute is a type of flute specially designed for flutists who want to upgrade their playing skills from the beginner level to the intermediate level. 

The intermediate flute is different from the beginner and pro flute. This type of flute is designed with features that help train any individual playing at the intermediate level to a more advanced level.

With an intermediate flute, you can play more complex music, which would challenge you to play higher and faster while offering more flexibility than a learner flute. 

One significant difference between a beginner flute and the intermediate flute is agility – the intermediate model is more agile than that of the beginner model.

How much does an intermediate flute cost?

Many flutists who want to upgrade their beginner flute want first-hand information regarding the market cost of the intermediate flute model. 

As earlier mentioned, there are currently many flutes brands with differing prices, which would make it difficult to virtually peg a particular amount that an intermediate flute would cost.

However, research carried out by our experts presents that an intermediate flute’ cost price ranges from $70 to $1700 depending on quality and brand.

What is the difference between a beginner and an intermediate flute?

There are quite some variations between the beginner and intermediate flutes model which are briefly highlighted below:

  • Both models are made of nickel that is silver plated; the difference is that the intermediate flute has more solid content than the beginner model.
  • Intermediate flutes are designed with a B-foot joint, while the beginner model comes with a C-foot joint. The C-foot joint and B-foot joints’ variation is that the C-foot joints flutes have one key lesser and shorter tube than flutes with a B-foot joint.
  • Thirdly, the beginner flute models are designed without holes in the center of the keys to be covered by the player’s hand, while there are always little holes in the five keys which the player’s finger can press while playing.

In a nutshell, the beginner flute models are designed without complexity for ease of learning. 

The intermediate flute comes with more complex features, specifically for those who want to hone their skills.

What are good brands of flutes?

When we talk about good brands of flute, we are referring to the brands with a reputation for making high-quality and durable flutes. There are many brands of flute on the market with variable designs and qualities. 

Good brands of a flute can be recognized with impeccable design, quality material, excellent tone, etc.

Some brands are renowned for such good flutes. Through our expert’s research, we were able to find out the well-known brands for such good quality flutes that would give you the best value for money. 


Miyazawa is a reputable brand for making high-quality flutes. Their flutes are designed from sturdy valuable metals like silver, gold, and nickel, which account for its premium quality and longevity. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a good flute brand to buy, this brand is highly recommended. Another excellent feature of this flute brand is sound quality. The sound quality is top-notch, one of the reasons it is loved by many flutists.

Every Miyazawa, designed with careful care and attention, is a combination of time-tested methods and revolutionary advances.


Yamaya is another reputed brand that produces good quality musical instruments, including flutes. This flute model offers rich, nuanced tonality over a broad dynamic range.

Yamaha flutes are designed with high-quality material, which assures their durability. All Yamaha flute models come with great features that provide flutists of all skill levels excellent playing experience.

Yamaha flutes are designed for both beginner, intermediate, and pro flutists. If you need anything quality flutes, Yamaha is the brand for you.


Gemeinhardt flutes are of top-notch quality, tested, and recommended by many music makers and technicians. 

This brand provides one of the best-in-quality flutes for both students, intermediate, student, and professional players. 

Gemeinhardt flutes are beautifully designed and durable with brilliant, clear sound and exceptional projection qualities. If you are looking for flute brands of the best quality, Gemeinhardt is one.

Best Intermediate Flutes

Our experts spend hours exploring relevant information regarding flute manufacturers and reviews and comments from professional flutists and the people who daily use these flutes to figure out what makes an excellent intermediate flute and what makes each of these products unique.

The following are detailed reviews of each product to help you choose the best intermediate flute that is good for your use.

Yamaha YFL-222


  • Key: C, inline G 
  • Material: silver 
  • Hole: open
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

More Features: 

neoprene key bumpers, cleaning rod and polishing cloth, undercut embouchure core, and pointed key arms.

Yamaha YFL-222 is a renowned flute on the market today. It is constructed with the ability to use the C note withdrawn and curled tone holes containing an offset G and integrated keys.

This flute is designed with nickel silver and features power-forged keys, making it tough to withstand breakage. Also, the key bumpers are designed with neoprene instead of cork, which makes it durable as well.

The Yamaha YFL-222 has a sound of high quality and richness. The unique feature of the CY head-joint helps beginners to play gorgeously. The entire flute design is exceptional, making it suitable and convenient for all skill level players.


  1. Created from nickel silver which accounts its durability
  2. Undercut, beveled embouchure 
  3. Breakage resistant Power-forged keys
  4. Can Play down to low B 
  5. Open-hole keys
  6. Neoprene key bumpers 
  7. Pointed key arms 
  8. In-line G 
  9. It includes case and cover 
  10. It includes Polishing cloth and cleaning rod.


  1. A good percentage of flutists do not prefer the inline G
  2. Few complaints about the flute by users.

Azumi G AZ2 


  1. Keys: C, offset G 
  2. Hole: open 
  3. Material: silver 
  4. Warranty: ten years (limited)

More features:

Silver plating, B foot, split E mechanism, pointed key arms, gizmo key, case, and cover included

The Azumi G AZ2 is an excellent intermediate Flute that is popular for high-quality and durability with a fantastic design.

It is a perfect step-up flute for an entry-level flutist who has defined himself from the rest and is prepared to really take his playing skill to the next level. 

If you are looking for a good quality flute to buy, then the Azumi AZ2 is a perfect option.

This intermediate flute has a peculiar split E mechanism that allows the player to use either the C main trill tray, offset G, or the inline offering the optimal sound quality. 

The flute also features the Z-cut head-joint that allows the flutist to extract a better sound from it regardless of any of the 3 registers you prefer to play.


  1. Perfect for step-up
  2. Z-cut head joint 
  3. Rectangular embouchure 
  4. Appropriate for orchestras, bands, and jazz
  5. Pointed key arms 
  6. Open-hole keys 
  7. Plays down to low B 
  8. In-line G 
  9. Case and cleaning material included. 


  1. A good percentage of flutists do not prefer the inline G
  2. Few complaints about the flute by users.

Glory Silver Plated Intermediate Flute


  1. Keys: C
  2. Hole: open 
  3. Material: silver 
  4. Warranty: ten years (limited

More Features

Silver-plated, closed/open 17 keys, B foot joint, plastic plugs, needle spring, case, polish cloth, tuning rod, cork grease, white gloves included

This flute consists of a good alloy called cupronickel and is silver-coated. It is very quantifiable and also cost-effective. 

The flute features a closed/open hole of 17keys, making it suitable for both intermediate and professional flutists. 

The C-key supports easier handling regardless of the flutist’s hand size. The lead pad renders it airtight and provides high resistance to water.

The B foot joint provides a more stabilized response to the instrument. It also comes with five plastic plugs that allow switching the flute to a closed-hole flute. 

The needle spring is high graded, which contributes to its longevity. It includes a lightweight case, besides these great features, which can be comfortably carried around.


  1. Open hole keys
  2. Made from real cupronickel
  3. Excellent water resistance and airtightness
  4. High-graded needle spring
  5. Long-lasting service
  6. Very cost-effective


  1. Not very easy to assemble
  2. Sometimes, it does not make all the tunes correctly


These flutes are popularly bought online and require a complete overview. Some of these brands may not impress well like others, which is why you need to do your thorough research when choosing a flute.

In addition, you need to keep in mind your overall research and budget to aid you with your decision. Doing this will also help you steer clear from the flute brands to avoid

intermediate flute

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