Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

The guitar is an amazing instrument that most people love playing. And if you have kids who are excited about this instrument, you can help them hone their skills. Trust me; if your kids start playing at an early age, it will become part of them when they grow. So, in this article, I will recommend some of the best online guitar lessons for kids. 

One trait is common among children – they love being involved in arts. Even if your kids don’t have artistic ambitions, they will love to play with musical instruments. It’s in their nature, and you can’t deny them of it. 

But before you take your kid for a regular guitar class, you can explore online options. It enables you to assess your child’s interest in playing the instrument without spending more. So, our focus in this article will be on online guitar lessons for kids. 

Without much ado, here are some of the best guitar lessons for kids; 

online guitar lessons for kids

7 Best Guitar Lessons For Kids

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks has the best platform for guitar lessons for kids. Their lessons are easy and simple. If your child is committed to Guitar tricks, he can become a pro within a short time. 

Again, kids seldom get bored with lessons when learning on the Guitar Tricks platform. All their lessons are fun and engaging. Even if your kids have little interest in guitar, this platform can help spark their interest. 

Furthermore, the Guitar tricks platform features over 700 songs and 11000 lessons. One outstanding feature of this platform’s lessons is that each of them has multiple camera angles designed to build your kid’s skill slowly. Guitar trick lessons are designed in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your kids. Instead, it’s fun and engaging. 

With over 11000 lessons, your entire family can learn guitar on the Guitar Tricks platform. 

What I Like About Guitar Tricks Platform

  • Guitar Tricks’ lessons are versatile and will teach your child to become an expert in no time. 
  • They have online instructors readily available to help your kids if they get stock
  • It’s risk-free and easy to try because it has a 60-day guarantee on the full access membership
  • The teaching style is slow, and your kids can easily catch up with it
  • Also, the lessons are sorted into short and easy to understand sessions

What I don’t Like

  • They don’t have One-time or pay as you earn option


Guitargate is another outstanding guitar learning website for your kids. It belongs to the legendary guitar instructor – Michael Palmisano. Interestingly, it has extraordinary guitar lessons for kids. The lessons range from beginner to high-level music theory. 

It may interest you to know that the Guitargate lessons syllabus has different stages. The first stage (Welcome to Guitargate Course) is free. It will enable you to accurately gauge your child’s interest in the instrument before committing yourself financially.

Furthermore, the first stage of the tutorial has 16 lessons designed for beginners, which your children can benefit from. Again, the Guitargate learning platform has an engaged instructor, and your kids can learn from it anytime, anywhere, and from all devices. 

Michael Palmisano takes time to explain the reason behind every note to his students. Interestingly, the lessons on this platform will help your kids to bridge the gap between rhythm and lead guitar.

Again, the Guitargate guitar lessons for kids have three basic subscriptions which are; Free trial (It gives you access to everything for a limited time), Monthly membership (Costs $9.99 per month), and individual courses ($25 per course). 

What I Like About Guitargate

  • Michael has a reputation for always interacting with students and provide them feedback
  • If your kids prefer the presence of an actual instructor, this is a perfect lesson for them
  • The learning method is simple and easy to understand
  • All lessons are prepared in high-quality videos
  • PRS guitars endorsed all Guitargate lessons

What I Don’t Like About It

  • The lessons are guitar-focused with no section for songs
  • The instructional materials are limited in scope


Guitareo is a top-notch platform with exceptional guitar lessons for kids. Guitar tutorials from this platform are easy to understand. If your child already has an established interest in learning guitar, the Guitareo platform is the perfect place to learn. 

The lessons are reliable, and the platform offers 90 days money-back guarantee if the teachings fail to deliver the expected result. Even though this guitar learning program is expensive, the lessons are created with beginners’ mindset. 

Guitareo’s instructor’s teaching style is conducive to kids, and he’s slow and patient in his approach. He ensures that his contents are fun, engaging, and easy to follow. 

What I Like About Guitareo

  • The teaching style is conducive to kids because it’s fun, engaging, and easy to follow
  • Also, the guitar lessons are well organized with a beginner’s mindset
  • It has 90 days money-back guarantee policy

What I Don’t Like About Guitareo

  • The website’s song section is weak.
  • If your kids don’t have an established interest in guitar, it may be hard for them to focus.


GuitarLessons is an excellent platform with free guitar lessons for kids. Interestingly, the website offers both acoustics and electric guitar lessons. Since the lessons are free, they are not comprehensive. But it will provide a good guitar foundation for your kids. 

You will find this platform very helpful if your kids seem interested in guitar, but they aren’t ready to be fully committed to learning the instrument. 

What I Like About GuitarLessons

  • The website offers free lessons which provide a solid guitar foundation for your kids
  • The lessons cover guitar parts, tuning a guitar, strumming techniques, and building a guitar chord
  • The website is easy to navigate through, and the progression of instructional materials is straightforward

What I don’t Like About GuitarLessons

  • The GuitarLessons platform is not a good learning platform for advanced students. 

Little Kids Rock

Little Kids Rock is another excellent kids’ guitar learning platform on our list. Since its inception in 2002, the platform has been making the learning of guitar and other musical instruments easy and accessible to kids. Over 500,000 kids are currently undergoing guitar lessons on this platform. 

Every guitar lesson and program on the platform is tailored towards kids. It’s a good website for your kids to start their guitar learning journey. Like the GuitarLessons website, Little Kids Rock is also a free platform. So, it’s the right place to gauge your kids’ guitar interest before enrolling them for paid lessons. 

What I Like About Little Kids Rock

  • Little Kids Rock’s method of learning is engaging as they feature jam tracks
  • The lessons are designed to allow your kids to practice their guitar skills with pre-recorded tracks with piano, bass, and even drums. 
  • The video lessons are easy to follow
  • It provides a good foundation for kids with a passion for the instrument

What I Don’t Like About Little Kids Rocks

  • If your kids have attended any guitar program in the past, they may find the lessons too boring and monotonous.

Hub Guitar

Hub Guitar is another free platform with engaging guitar lessons for kids. The platform has over 500 guitar lessons that focus mainly on guitar fundamentals. It’s a website where your kid can build a solid guitar foundation. The site features several exciting videos that teach fundamental techniques for playing guitars. 

Even though the platform’s contents aren’t as much as some paid lessons, the layout is excellent and easy to follow. Your kids will find this platform very amazing. 

What I Like About Hub Guitar

  • Kids can easily navigate through the website because the contents are well organized. 
  • The video lessons are according to topics and skill level 
  • It’s a free platform

What I don’t Like About It

  • Compared to other paid guitar lessons, Hub guitar is not versatile.

Kids Guitar Zone

The Kids Guitar Zone is one of the most kid-friendly platforms for learning how to play guitar. The platform is organized and teaches your kids guitar basics like how to hold and tune a guitar, how to read tabs, etc. If you have kids trying to play guitar for the first time, you should consider this platform. 

What I Like About Kids Guitar Zone

  • The lessons are kids friendly.
  • It’s a perfect platform to learn guitar if your kid is learning for the first time
  • The platform will also guide you on the best type of guitar to buy for your kids
  • It’s a free guitar learning platform for kids

What I Don’t Like About it

  • Even though the video contents are great, your kids may find them boring because they aren’t engaging. 

What Are The Benefits of Guitar Lessons for Kids?

As parents, we have an instinct always to make our children live a happy and successful life. And the easiest way to introduce your child to the world of music is by teaching them how to play the guitar. Here are some of the benefits of guitar lessons for kids; 

It Helps Kid Develop Concentration 

The benefits of guitar lessons for kids go beyond music. It helps your children to improve their concentration skills at an early stage of their life. This is because guitar classes often involve focusing on a particular task for a long time. If this continues for a while, your kids tend to shift the same concentration to their academic lessons unconsciously. 

It Helps to Improve Your Kids’ Coordination

When your kids practice guitar often, they tend to improve their hand and eye coordination. It’s surprising, right? Well, it’s the truth. Your children will develop essential motor skills similar to when they are involved in sports while playing guitar. Interestingly, they are less likely to injure themselves when playing instruments compared to other sports. 

It Provides Relaxation

If your kids know how to play guitar, they can use it as a form of music therapy for themselves. In recent times, experts recommend the use of music therapy to complement traditional healing and medicine. 

According to research, some music genres have a calming effect that can lower your heart rate and make you more relaxed. And when your kids understand the art of playing guitar, its sounds will have a calming effect on them. 

It Inculcates the Value of Patience

Patience is a virtue that only a few people possess. But your kids could learn the value of patience if you engage them in guitar lessons.

Let me explain this better. It takes patience and perseverance to learn any musical instrument, including guitar. That’s why some kids usually lost interest after one or two classes. But if the few who complete their lessons will always have the patience and perseverance to tackle life challenges. 

 Boost Self Confidence

When you encourage your children to attend guitar lessons for kids, they tend to boost their self-confidence over time. This doesn’t happen overnight; it requires the encouragement of a good teacher and support from their parents. With this, your kids will have a sense of pride in the instrument they are playing and increase their confidence. 

Again, it’s a general belief that children who creatively express themselves through the guitar tend to become great communicators and happier people. You see, guitar lessons go beyond music; it prepares your children for the future. 

How to Choose the Best Guitar Lessons For Kids

There are several platforms where your kids can learn how to play guitar. But getting the right one with high-quality content and engagement may be challenging to come by. And if you fail to get a great guitar lesson for your kid, it may affect his interest in the instrument. 

So, here are some of the things you should look at when choosing a guitar lesson for your kids; 

#1. Value

The first thing every parent should check when enrolling their kids for a guitar lesson is the value. It doesn’t matter whether the platform is offering free lessons. You should be more concerned about the value your child will get from such lessons. Remember, the wrong guitar lesson could make your child lose interest in the instrument. 

#2. Materials and Ease of Use

The guitar lessons are for your kids, so you should look for a website with high-quality materials and easy to navigate. The instructional materials should be fun, exciting, and engaging. No kid wants to spend time staring at a boring instructor on a screen. Again, always ensure that the lesson content is kid-friendly and easy to understand…

#3. Customer Reviews

Reviews from students who have used a guitar learning platform before is an excellent way to evaluate the platform. If most people are saying negative things about the platform, you should stay away from such a platform. 


There are several online guitar learning platforms for kids. But those we mentioned in this article have outstanding records. From our research and reviews from other students, Guitar Tricks is the best platform for your kids to learn guitar online… 

online guitar lessons for kids

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