Solar Power Speakers

As I try to figure out why my FireStick remote is not working and trying out new batteries.  I can’t help to think that having everything solar powered would be ideal.  Solar Power speakers have become popular for obvious reasons. 

Here I have put together a buying guide, some technical information, and the best solar power speakers in the market.  

It is without a doubt that every product has its limitation irrespective of the many advantages it provides. To cut off those limitations for a better experience means opting for the upgraded version of such a product. 

A standard power offers many great experiences, but it is still tied down by the power cord whenever you intend to charge it. These wires may fail when you may need them most, and besides, the hassle involved in storing them, connecting it to electric sources during the charging, is a limitation you may want to cut off. 

Solar power speakers offer you a sufficient power source, the sun. It is not only handy but also durable. Its advantages can never be overemphasized.

Our Top Pick Solar Power Speakers

How do Solar Panels work?

This contains a ton of technical jargon but is worth reading through.  Below you will find the buying guide and top picks. 

Solar panels function by allowing photons emitted by the sun to hit electrons free from atoms and produce electricity flow. 

Solar panels are composed of several smaller photovoltaic cells connected. The more panels you install, the higher the energy that you produce.

Typically, each photovoltaic cell is a sandwich composed of two slices of silicon, a semiconducting material—the exact thing used in microelectronics. 

As photons strike this plate, they drive the electrons off the atoms. They are gathered by metal plates and transformed into a continuous electric stream. This relatively simple method powers your solar power speakers.

How Long Do Solar Power Speakers Take to Charge?

Answering this question is a little more complicated since there are different nuances, but broadly speaking, your solar panel speaker can be expected to charge within 5 to 10 hours. 

The different factors may include something from whether it’s cloudy or not, how direct the sunlight is, whether it is human-made light or sunlight or human-made light, and the device itself. 

Some are more effective than others at charging.

Solar Power Speakers

Buying Guide

There are many factors to consider when buying a Solar power speaker that would give you the best value for your money. When searching for a Solar power speaker to purchase, you need to first look out for the following factors: audio, features, Charging, Weather resistance, and cost.

In this guide, we selected four speakers and graded them into their respective places in the list of the best solar power Speakers. These speakers were picked based on the mentioned factors which we still highlighted below:


Truly, having a solar power speaker that sounds good is the goal. 

Many speakers sound much better than others; this is mostly the consequence of a much better response with frequencies. Many solar wireless speakers concentrate on the incorporation of the solar panel into their bodies. 

Meaning there’s less cash-flow to making great music. And the right thing to do is not assume the same audio quality as a Bose Mini 2 or JBL Charge 2 +. This being said, those best solar speakers will typically play calming audio across all genres of music.

The sensitivity of speaker is measured in decibels (dB).  The higher the sensitivity rating, the louder the speaker. An average speaker comes with a sensitivity of around 87 dB to 88 dB. A speaker with a sensitivity rating of over 90 dB is considered excellent.

Look for frequency (Hz) between 20-20,000 Hz. 


Solar panel charging time differs depending on various factors, such as direct or indirect exposure to sunlight, solar panel size, and sunlight intensity. 

It is recommended to have solar power speakers with a big solar panel. The orientation of the solar panel should also ensure it can be directed towards sun rays seamlessly without losing quality or audio volume.

Weather Resistance

Because of the convenience associated with solar power speakers, mostly due to being portable, this means that they can be put in many places, including near water. 

Water and electric devices don’t mix, so having a speaker that’s been made waterproof is always very helpful. 

The best solar-powered power speakers should be strong physically to stay out in the open and resistant to natural elements such as extreme heat and water.


Features such as speakerphone, radio, battery bank, flashlight, etc. are also considered in our list, as they contribute to the experience you may have with the device.


The first thing is to set your budget. Solar power speakers are a luxury, although they don’t cost a fortune. 

It is a thing of the fact that you can still enjoy your normal speaker, or still do without music. Hence, we thought that you wouldn’t want to spend so much on a solar speaker. So, we have ranked them per the best value for money.

Top 4 Best Solar-Powered power Speakers– Complete Guide

Eton Rugged Rukus Solar-Powered power Speaker

This device features flexible multi-use functionality. You can use it with its solar-powered features or simply charge it like a normal gadget. 

It is smart on the inside and utilizes energy-efficient solar panels, which efficiently absorb energy to power your devices and play music simultaneously. Without any inconveniences, it creates an all-out stereo sound.

This power device fits the price and size decently, and we confidently include it in the list of the best solar-powered power speakers without thinking twice.

Design and Features

This convenient, portable power speaker features an integrated solar panel, a durable, splash-proof body, a micro-USB charging port. 

This sturdy battery’s life is about 8 hours, and the speaker requires approximately five hours of direct sunlight (for a solar charge). Expect to wait about 2.5 hours for wall charging.

It can take some water splashes and moisture; however, we advise you don’t frisk in the rain with it. It is fairly compact at 17 ounces.


Expectations seriously affect the satisfaction level we get from some stuff. Eton Rugged Rukus solar-powered power speaker is designed to function even in the sun, and so it would be unfair if you anticipate an excellent kind of audio that other brand’s solar power speakers provide.

This brand’s speakers are not prepared to have a wide variety of musical experiences, leaving plenty of lower midrange and bass clearly absent


  1. Can work in the sun
  2. Solar-powered and acts as a power bank
  3. Charges fast, even in the sun
  4. Able to hold water and moisture
  5. Portable
  6. Decent, warm sound


Bass could be improved for the size

Rukus Xtreme Solar-powered power speaker

Rukus Xtreme is the improved variant of the Rugged Rukus. 

In terms of features and design, these two speakers are very identical. Its potentiality to charge and get charged seamlessly ensures you’ll always have continuous access to your preferred sounds. 

The bass port also helps to ensure that the audio rings blare and high even inside the noisy crowd and the ambiance. This brand produces one of the foremost solar-powered speakers.

Design and Features

The design is very simple; the speakers are located on the front side while the slanted solar panel is at the top side. 

This speaker is squat at 2.6 inches height, 6.9 inches deep, and 8.7 inches wide with a relatively lightweight power at 1.85 pounds.

Rukus Xtreme supports power 4.0, which offers decent performance with an unblocked range of 30 ft and a steady connection. 

Around this price range, you can get many power speakers with a more effective power connection, wider range, and more functionality, but they really don’t have solar panels like this one.

At the top are controls that enable playback management and various connection options. 

Below are LEDs that show the status of the power, Power level, and Charging signifier. The Rukus Xtreme is only a little bigger than the Rugged Rukus. This solar speaker can connect in a wireless and wired manner to audio.

Rukus Xtreme can be powered in two ways-either through the charging cable or the solar panel. 

The primary charging method is the charging cable, and it can take up to 2.5 hours to charge the battery to the full. It takes at least 10 hours to charge the battery through the solar panel.

The Rukkus Extreme is IPX4 rated; hence it is relatively resistant to water, which means you can carry it by the poolside and party without worry.

Besides, it works a speakerphone as well just in case you want to take hands-free calls. It’s pretty durable for the cost, and users have confirmed it last with regular use for at least a few years.


Rukus Xtreme is undoubtedly better in sound quality than the Rugged Rukus, especially in relation to bass response (due to its 2 passive bass reflex ports). It is not mind-blowing, but it is much more punchy. 

The mids are always really simple and descriptive, with good and informative tops. The tone is enjoyable and entertaining. The voices are clear and smooth, and you can easily discern the lyrics. It has a consistent performance between the wired and power mode.


  1. Large solar panel
  2. 8-hour battery
  3. power v4.0 and aux
  4. Battery backup
  5. USB charging


It does not support multipoint pairing, NFC pairing, and daisy-chaining

Ecoxgear Sol Jam Solar Power Speaker

The solar-powered waterproof speaker Ecoxgear Sol Jam enables you to experience unlimited music without the worry of exhausting its battery. Have limitless fun, as you won’t have a drained device as far as it’s under direct exposure to sunlight.

This portable solar wireless speaker is sturdy and able to take on the sun and water. These are made to be robust and durable, just like all Ecoxgear products. 

To random listeners, the audio sounds pretty good. Sol Jam finds its way right into the best list of solar-powered speakers thanks to all its extra perks.

Design and Features

Overall, the Ecoxgear Sol Jam is very good due to its excellent features and design. The power pairing of this device is so simple as the unit is regularly in pairing mode and, even when not already paired, displays a pairing mode indicator.

On the scale, Sol Jam ‘s weigh 1.5 pounds. Hence, it is portable. The grille of the front speaker is 3 inches high and 6.2 inches long. It stretches outward by 5 inches. 

This power device is IPX7-rated and can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in 1 m water. It can Survive a boat fall, and it floats until you pick it out.

The volume controls are well labeled and high contrast with audible beeps to signify when you hit the maximum level. The controls, however, need a strong press otherwise more hard than most to reduce.

The Solar panel and keys run on the top face. It has dual controls for volume and track navigation. There is a gap at the back of the frame through which a carabiner or a cord can be connected. At the bottom, too, is a threaded hole that can connect to any standard mounted camera.

There is a screw-on lid at the back of this solar wireless speaker. The USB-out port, micro-USB charging port, and auxiliary input are located underneath, which means it can also act as a power bank. 

The solar power may be a bit unnecessary as it has its own 12hr battery life. The Sol Jam can be completely charged by the 1.5W solar panel integrated on it within 3 hours.


The Ecoxgear Sol Jam sound quality is overall fair. Because Sol Jam concentrates more on building weather-proof speakers to ensure their durability, the sound quality is not up to expectations. It gets loud enough for a small gathering and plays equitably well in all genres.

It doesn’t do a decent job of reclaiming the ambiance of the room and is overcrowded. power and the quality of the wired sounds are identical. It provides a reasonable level of volume in a small to medium-sized room, but best suited for near field listening.


  1. Charges within 3 hours under direct sunlight
  2. Waterproof and solar-powered
  3. Up to 12-hour battery life
  4. Has track navigation buttons


The sound could be better

ABFOCE Solar-Powered Speaker 

ABFOCE Solar Powerspeaker is my top pick. 

Despite being much smaller than many speakers on this list, it does not take away from its style. What makes that great is its weight for outdoor activity. Due to its weight at 0.57 pounds, you ‘re not going to get tired of carrying it around. That is not the only great thing about this speaker, however.

Further value is its rugged nature. It is made of silicone which is a highly elastic material with huge shockproof performance.  You can drop it from a few feet hight with no effect to the speaker. 

This speaker, irrespective of its tiny size, still walked itself over to the best collection of power speakers with solar power.

Design and Features

The ABFOCE solar-powered speaker is IPX6 rated waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, which means it is weather resistant. In outdoor conditions, it’s resilient. 

This speaker is approximately 3.6 inches “wide and tall. It is around 1.8 inches thick and weighs just 0.57lbs. 

The body of this speaker is coated with a silicone finish that completely seals the device. 

The solar panel incorporates an internal 1200MAH Li-ion battery, which enables high performance.

The speaker can last up to 15 hours on a single charge. Every 10 minutes of charging in the sun equals half an hour of music playtime.  You can also charge it the traditional way. 


Incredible sound, packed into this small unit.  The frequency projects at are between 100 Hz and 18,000 Hz, and with a sound distortion rate low than 0.1%.  True definition and volume all in one.  


  1. Portable and Compact 
  2. Aux cable connection
  3. Tough
  4. Amazing Sound


  1. Not the prettiest speaker


With the many wireless speakers available on the market, we strongly suggest that you do some thorough research before buying these kinds of solar power speakers. 

The research will help you get the best choice speaker based on your budget and interests. One of the steps you can take while conducting market research is to check out review websites.

Solar Power Speakers

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