Yamaha FG 700 S Review

Choosing a guitar can be a daunting choice. Do you buy acoustic or electric? Do you want a Gibson or a Yamaha? And what was that price again?! Your inclinations regarding budget, taste, and musical style often direct these decisions. 

If you are in the middle of guitar shopping, let me present one of the best guitars currently on the market: the Yamaha FG 700 S.

yamaha fg 700 s review


If you just started taking guitar lessons and need a dependable, yet affordable guitar to play on, then look no further than Yamaha’s FG 700 S model. 

This guitar costs around $300-$350 when new. This is much lower than the industry average of $700. Yet, the FG 700 S is not a cheap, shoddily made instrument. 

In addition to being an amazing value, it is a quality instrument that will provide you with hours of musical enjoyment. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable guitar!



The Yamaha FG 700 S has wonderful features that any guitarist would love. 

The top of the guitar is made of Sitka spruce. This is a much better option than laminate, which is common amongst guitars in this price point. 

The sides, back, and neck are composed of nato.

The FG 700 S is topped off with a rosewood bridge and fretboard. Moreover, the tuners are made of die-cast metal, making tuning a breeze. All these features work together to give buyers an excellent instrument.


The Yamaha FG 700 S keeps it simple when it comes to its finish. It sports a high gloss finish that looks like natural wood. This unadorned exterior is perfect for a guitar which is high in both value and quality.

Notable Features

It is no secret that I love this guitar! Here are just a few reasons why:


Easy to play

Many guitarists find the fact that the Yamaha FG 700 S’s neck is small and its fingerboard hard to the touch very helpful, especially if they have small hands or are just beginning to play.



If you’re afraid the Yamaha FG 700 S is going to break in half at the slightest provocation…fear no more. 

The guitar is made from quality woods that stand the test of time. Moreover, this guitar model was the first to use a dovetail neck joint. This greatly increases the Yamaha FG 700 S’s sturdiness, as well as making it a bit of a trailblazer amongst acoustic guitars.


Given these and other features, it is no surprise that the Yamaha FG 700 S is very popular amongst guitar enthusiasts. 

It has received a 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon – not an easy feat for any product to achieve. 

The FG 700 S is also one of the bestselling guitars. Given its popularity and many admirable qualities, it is no surprise that it is currently out of stock in a number of stores online.


Though it is one of the most inexpensive guitars available, the Yamaha FG 700 S is anything but poor in quality. 

We have already noted the sturdiness and innovation with which it was built, as well as the quality woods used in its creation. 

It avoids the use of laminates, something which is common amongst cheap guitars. A huge component of the FG 700 S’s quality is its sound…something we haven’t yet covered. 

Let’s look at the details of the sound that this amazing guitar offers to its listeners.


Guitarists note that the Yamaha FG 700 S has a very thick sound that is conducive to playing a wide variety of music.

Several of its features help to create this effect, including its D’Addario acoustic guitar strings and solid wood top.

This quality is the cherry on top of the remarkable quality of this guitar.


Are you considering making the Yamaha FG 700 S your own? If so, be sure to consider these pros and cons before you make a final decision.


Great value

Who can resist a guitar that is less than the market average?

Amazing sound

Guitarists and reviewers consistently rave about the sound that the Yamaha FG 700 S offers.

Good appearance

The glossy, woody exterior of this guitar provides guitarists with a simple, yet elegant appearance.

Stays in tune longer

This is something that every guitarist can appreciate!


Out of stock in some places

This is due to its popularity and possibly other factors.

High action in higher frets

This means that the strings are unfortunately too high off the guitar’s fretboard.

Slightly weak sound for larger rooms

If you are just planning on playing for yourself or a small group, this is not a problem. However, if you want to play for larger audiences, you will probably want to buy another guitar.

Can be too big for small people

Unfortunately for petite guitarists in our midst, it seems that Yamaha got carried away designing the size of this guitar.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced, yet sturdy and quality guitar, you can do no better than the Yamaha FG 700 S. 

With a lovely exterior; sturdy frame; excellent sound; soaring popularity; and more, this guitar has a lot to offer. 

Go to Amazon or your nearest guitar store and make one your very own!

Yamaha FG 700 S Review

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